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On August 11/12, 2012 we will be celebrating two decades of Babes 'N Hats!

Come join us at what we hope will be the biggest Babes in years. We are aiming for 16 teams in 2012 now that we can use the upgraded Winona South field (no more "dreaded" field 5, we are looking to use "lush" field 5 & 6)

But we need your help. Get on the Facebook, send the Tweets and communicate in whatever other new ways the kids are using these days. Sign up, sign up with a buddy, get them to find 2 other people!

If you are interested in becoming a "Registration Helper" and want the chance to play for free, or even get paid to play, send me an email and I can give you the details.

Free Disc for the 1st person to register 2012 (Dahl, Nylene and I, who are currently on the registered list, don't count) and free discs for the first couple to register.


Babes XIX photos are up!


Flickr (bigger, downloadable):

The 'full size' versions in flickr are big enough to be printed quite large, but email me if
you'd like the ultra-mega-super size of that one where you look like a rockstar.

Signed up! Excited.

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Photo's look great (Thanks Craig).

BNH is your chance to be a rock-star. Sign up with a friend today.

16 teams is the goal, we can make it happen.


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Time to get serious about signing up for Babes.

The registrations have just started to come in, I'm looking for everyone to please help spread the word - send the web site address and kind words to your Ultimate Email contacts!


15% Full for 2012.


All the cool kids are doing it. I've always loved this tournament. You meet new people get to play with people of all levels and have a great time doing it. Register now as every year it sells out and a wait list starts.
Krista the streaking wonder.

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Just checking out the photo's from last year at

Lots of happy people playing Ultimate!

25% full.

Sign up today.


Nice website!

but Robots can't register!? What gives?


m2c By m2c

Robots of sufficient intelligence can...

50% full, thanks for all the registrations while I was away for a couple of weeks. Keep them coming.


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55% Full, keep those registrations coming!

There are currently 57 Men and 33 Women listed on the web site. Man #60 and Women #35 will get a free disc.

I don't update the site everytime I get a registration so don't think that just because I didn't put up 58 and 59 that we aren't close, I expect that those registrations will come in sometime this evening or tomorrow. Feeling lucky?


Update soon? Sent in registration, want to make sure me and my special
lady-friend get in, because missing this tournament is about the silliest
thing any ultimate player could do.

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Back from Vacation, web site updated with last weeks registrations.

We are getting to the time when those who are sitting on the fence should really get to signing up. Don't be that guy who is waiting around Saturday morning hoping for a spot. There are always some of those people.


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Over 90% full now, but also...

I have had some problems with the registration process, and some people who registered were not listed on the web site.

If you think you are registered and have not checked, please go to the Babes web site, clinic on Registration and check out the Men and Women lists. If your name is NOT there send me an email immediatly!

Thanks. Weather man was nice to soften up the fields a bit last night, clearing for the rest of the week and nice on the weekend, just the way we like it!

Still not too late to sign up

If we can only make it on the Sunday, what should we do?
Just show up?
Bring cake?


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If you can only make it Sunday, show up Sunday morning and a team will be assigned based on need.

Bring Cake.

Don't join your friends team when he calls you Saturday night and asks if you can play because their 9th guy might be 1 hour late on Sunday, when there are 3 other teams with 6 guys!

Talk to us Sunday morning and we will fix you up.


three more sleeps, I am so excited! remember sunscreen, hats and your own breakfast before you come to the field.

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And water, bring water. We have water of course, but if you arrive with full bottles that will help us out.


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Update - Just registered the 90th and last guy for the event. Wait list spots now for guys. 4 more spots for women.

From years past we usually get 2-3 people in from the wait list, so all hope is not lost, just some hope.


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90 Guys + 5 on the wait list

60 Girls (Full)


What a fantastic tournament! Thanks to Brian, Dahl, Nylene and Dina for putting on a great tourney! Two days of sun, ultimate and friends. Brian, I think putting Babes on the weekend before Nats is a great way for us old guys to stay (somewhat) competitive!

Congrats to Rossa Innominnati for a nice 7-0 run. Neon put up a good fight and I thought they might take it, starting 3-0.

The fact that a tournament has run for XX years in a sport as young as ultimate is a testament to the organizer's commitment to ultimate in Vancouver.

For those of you that missed it, sign up early next year to get in on the fun.

Sunday on the hill with a red cup, friends and playing fantasy - - it doesn't get much better. Thanks.

Ken Thomson went paddling past,
pretty sure it was him,
and he spoke so softly in accordance with,
the growing of the dim

He said: "bring on the brand new renaissance,
'cos I think I'm ready,
I've been shaking all night long,
but my hands are steady"

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Thanks to everyone for showing up to Babes 'N Hats 20. Nice weather makes
it so easy. Good times as always.

We talk about stopping this tournament, but the only reason we would (and
this is a bit of a broken record) is the difficulty in getting people to sign up.
The rest of the work isn't all that hard year to year, but the stress of making
sure that each team has enough players is a problem.

I would love to get back to 12 teams, and to get 6+ women per team. If we
could sign up enough for 7 women and 9 guys to start that would avoid the
problem (mostly) of teams playing with 4 or 3 women on Sunday. Even late
on Saturday.

So tell your friends! We had 60 women sign up this year, getting to 80
shouldn't be that hard. Get your whole league team to sign up - it's fun to
play against people you always play with!

See you again in 2013 for Babes 21!