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Cam By Cam

Has anyone ever looked into putting together a beach ulti tourney in Vancouver?

If the soccer punks (see link) can do it, surely the ultimate community could put one together??


I think we've found ourselves a new beach ulti TD. Run with it Mac...

Cool, we could have two divisions:

1) The laid back dry sand division with smallish

fields, and soft landings.

2) The hard core division on the low-tide flats at

spanish banks. Hardpack sand, and rolly

sandbars. Of course we'd need balloons/bouys as

line markers for when the tide comes in and

you're playing in a foot of water.

I'd be game to try either in a test of concept


This will be awesome. What about a boat cruise party ;)


Cam By Cam

I don't know much about organizing tournaments, but I will look into the logisitics of it.

The now defunct Chuck 'n Di used to run Beachfest. It was loads of fun and worked wonderfully. The only not-so-great thing was the hurtin' arches. no logistical problems at all! I say go for it!

sorry, i mean Rob Mandeville organised it :)

I know a few people who would definitely in.

We played an afternoon of hotbox (more hot hotcircle) on the flats at Spanish banks and it was wicked.

Hello guys,

We can sit here and wait until someone to step up. Or why don't we get together and start to organize this beach ultimate.

I would like to help out. I organized a frisbee tournament before.

i'll you who WON'T be putting a beach tourney together....

that totally boycotted captain of the space invaders koko!!!

Sounds fabulous. Count another team in.

I second that motion.

Just to clarify, I don't second "Why Not"'s motion, I do however second the motion of the captain koko space invader boycott motion.

At roberts creek on the sunshine coast they have regular sunday pickup ulty on the sand flats and it's a total blast.. it'd be fun to get it going on the sand in Vancouver ! sooo....

According an online tide table* the lowtide on Sunday, July 17 is at 12:41 PM.. that's about right for a noon(ish) game on the sand flats. Why don't we gather at Spanish Banks west around noon, and see if we organize a pickup game ? (I know this might be competition for the Sunday pickup on Jericho but oh well..) I suggest the meeting place be the flats directly (or as close as the lay of the land facilitates) in front of the most westerly beach volleyball courts.. just show up and toss the disc around and we'll organize something based on who shows.. tell your friends.

* 2004-07-17 12:41 PM PDT 2.32 feet Low Tide from