Beat 2010 Traffic. Bike To Work!

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Beat 2010 Traffic. Bike To Work!

Thursday, Dec. 3, 7pm - 8pm
Mountain Equipment Co-Op, 130 West Broadway, Vancouver

Getting around the city? It may end up being the toughest event of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Join MEC and the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 7pm at the Vancouver store (130 West Broadway) for a free presentation on bike commuting. Learn about: Getting Your bike Ready, The Best Gear for Winter Riding, Safe Routes in the City, Riding in Traffic, Realistic Expectations.

The one hour presentation will be followed by a short question and answer session. For more information, visit the VACC website (linked below)

I'm a heel-toe commuter myself, but I want to give kudos to VACC (and Keam for sharing the
info) for advocating, supporting, and encouraging bike-communiting in such a positive way.

I think such pro-cycling advocacy is a great way to grow this means of commuting. Whenever
advocacy becomes anti- anything, people get defensive (often unreasonably so).

I like the positive message, and I hope VACC grows, so its voice can speak louder and louder to
the various governments.

7pm tonight! Tell your friends and coworkers

Hello all,

Do you know someone who’s decided to commute to work by bike for the first time because of the 2010 Winter Games (i.e., to avoid transportation hassles)?

The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition has had a request from the media to interview a new 2010 bike commuter. If you know someone who fits that description and is willing to be interviewed, please send me ( their contact details as soon as possible.

Also, I'll be talking to Sean Leslie of CKNW tomorrow, (Saturday) at 5pm on the radio about the
best and worst in Vancouver Cycling for 2009. AM 980 or listen online at

Let's face it, it couldn't be any worse than watching the Penguins crush the Leafs amirite?