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Woohoo, rocking Sat nite doing taxes and watching hockey. As if the fact I owe, I owe, it's off to

work I go (on Monday) isn't enough to make me cranky, anybody catch Hrudey beaking off about

how he hates the handshakes at the end of a playoff series? If you can't congratulate those who

beat you, or thank those who competed and lost, you're missing the entire point of sports IMO.

I've enjoyed his analysis of the game in the past, now I just think there's a jerk "Behind The Mask"

esp. as there's plenty of young players tuning in and taking cues from the pros.

Yeah Hrudey comes totally out of left field some times. I think he is trying a little too hard to be "Cherry-esque" - though Cherry is usually pro sportsmanship so it may not quite apply here.

Did he say why he thinks that?

Because he's never said anything nice to anyone in the handshake line, nor has anyone said

anything nice to him.

Oh, and I made an error in one calculation! I'm getting some bucks back from RevCan after all.

Maybe he's a dick on the ice.

What does he expect anyway?

It's symbolic more than anything.

Good timing on Hrudey's part. In the Sunday NY Times there was an article about the

handshake ritual. It might be up on their website.

NYT has it in their pay to view section.


It's completely symbolic. That's the point IMO. If you can't shake hands with your opponents when all is said and done, you've missed the entire point of playing sports.

Too bad it's in the pay section. I only skimmed it but the main ponts are that it is a refreshing

thing that the handshake line takes place in a major professional sport, a review of the history of

the tradition, and that guys can kick the s**t out of each other during the game and then shake

hands afterward (some mention of the Rocket in the article).

Cherry commented on a few coaches corner's ago that pro hockey is one of the few, if not only, sports that all the players line up in an organized way to shake hands after a really hard fought series. This only added fuel to his arguement that hockey is the greatest sport in the world.

Don needs to see what happens at the end of a Rugby Union match on the international level. Practically a love-fest.