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next time you see a "deal" on a flat of bottled water at costco or walmart, consider the following:

Each litre of bottled water produces an estimated 786 grams of CO2e and uses 3 litres of water to produce.

· The total amount of energy required for every bottle is equivalent, on average, to filling a plastic bottle ¼ full with oil.

· Tap water (in Metro Vancouver) costs only $0.0008 per litre. Compare that to a single-serving of bottled water at $1.75 a litre

Also consider:

- that bottled water is often tap water from another region, which requires added (much less efficient than an existing pipeline) transportation to get it to you
- that all of that "demineralized, remineralized, de-this, de-that is nothing more than marketing and offers no health benefits whatsoever.
- that public water supplies are much more closely monitored and regulated than bottled water.
- that they charge more to put water in a bottle than to find oil, build the infrastructure to extract it from the ground, transport it to a refinery, convert it to gasoline, transport it to a filling station and dispense it, even when 40% of retail gas prices are tax and don't go to the oil company.