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Is it true that you can only carry the disc up to the brick marker if the disc flys through the end zone and ob and not if the disc lands ob btw the brick marker and defence front end zone marker?

Nope. The brick rule is as follows:

Any (and every) time the disc flies OB on the pull, you have three options:

1) Take it on the OB line where it flew OB.

2) Signal brick, and take it at the brick mark (10m from the receiving endzone line at the centre of

the field).

3) Signal brick, and take it at the centre (of the long axis) of the field nearest to where the disc



Obviously #2 and #3 are similar, and you'll choose which is better depending on where the disc

goes OB, but the real choice is between whether you want to take it on the sideline or at the

middle of the field.

Regardless, you've always got the three options.


Aside: Why do people always take it to the middle of the field? Often that's advantageous, but so

many times I'll see people call middle on the disc that flies just OB, and by the time they get the

disc to the middle the d is set up or the cup is on.

You should encourage your teammates to think about the choices rather than automatically call

brick/middle, as often you'll be able to get a throw or two in from the sideline, before the D sets

up. Even better is when the D assumes you're going to signal middle (but you don't) and go set up


the middle of the field, allowing you to get a couple free throws from the sideline while they look

surprised and/or confused.