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registration has started for the new league in Burnaby. For complete details and instructions check out http://www.bcdss.bc.ca/~burnaby/

Also, we're putting a series of 3 clinics in April on Thursday nights. These will be on nice grass fields. We'll be doing pick-up on one field and clinic on another. Come out for either:

So here's the skinny on the clinics, bring everyone. I with some help from the SFU Ultimate Club will be putting on beginners clinics. There will be another field set aside for pick-up for people who already know how to play. The SFU Men's team should also be around practicing, so more advanced players may be able to get in on some of their drills, or scrimmage against them.

When: Thursday April 14, 21 and 28

Time: 6pm - 8 pm (or later if we're still having fun)

Where: Burnaby Lake East fields 3 & 4 (behind Bill Copeland arena off of Kensington, fairly close to the Archery range) for more directions: http://www.bcdss.bc.ca/~burnaby/index.php?p=3

Parking: Lots and lots of FREE parking

Transit: It's a 2 block walk from the Sperling/Burnaby Lake sky train station on the millennium line, as well as being just off the 110 Lougheed/Metrotown and 144 SFU/Metrotown bus routes.

Food/Drink: There is a pub at the field complex (I haven't been there yet, but supposedly they only have "good" beer) they're open until 11pm on Thursdays.

Cost: FREE! Although we will accept donations to the SFU Ultimate club and the food bank.

Thanks for the info Candyman.

On a Burnaby note, do you know if there are any high schools in Burnaby with ultimate teams up and running? I teach at a school in Burnaby and I'd like to get a team started at my school next year. I know there are lots of schools in Richmond & Vancouver with teams, but haven't heard much about BBY.

Thanks in advance!

- J

To my knowledge there aren't any schools in Burnaby that have teams at present. Although you might want to check with the BCDSS junior coordinators to be sure that I'm not mistaken:

William Arlotta ubjuniors2@bcdss.bc.ca

Mike Kaweski ubjuniors@bcdss.bc.ca

They are definitely the people who can help you make it happen (http://www.bcdss.bc.ca/ultimate/indexj.html). But also fee free to ask me for any help. As the Burnaby Ultimate coordinator it's in my best interest to get people playing in school so that I can get them playing in my league. So anything that I can offer in terms of assistance, let me know. Also, you might consider inviting all of your teacher friends to the clinics that we're putting on in April for players in Burnaby. After all even if you do get a team started, you're going to need someone to play...

Best of luck,

David Cowley

(Burnaby Ultimate Coordinator)

P.S. Just curious which high school you're at, I went to Moscrop when it was a junior high, and graduated from Central.

yeah yeah, I would totally help out with a BBY highschool team. . I went to Central with Dave. My

mom's school (Pinetree) had a team a couple years ago, but the sponsor left.

Hi Candyman:

I was trying your website, it would not work. I might be doing something wrong. Anyway, I wanted to sign up for Thursdays the Hat League format in Burnaby. Joe Davis


All registration for the Summer Hat league in Burnaby & New West will be done on this website. It opens tomorrow (Monday March 27). See Play menu -> Register.  

Full details are here: https://www.vul.ca/content/summer-burnaby