Burrard Bike Lanes called complete success

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Councillor Geoff Meggs is characterizing the trial as a 'home run' and a
complete success. I'm including three links so you'll have to cut and
paste the first two (Meggs' blog and a Mustel poll of Vancouver
residents reaction to the trial). Link below goes to staff report.


Love the bike lane. Much safer and easier than before.

Council voted today in favour of continuing the trial until after the Olympics and then finding
cost-effective ways to make it permanent. If you'd like to see pedestrians get the east sidewalk
back and have the outermost northbound lane of the bridge deck made a protected lane for
bicycles (mirroring the current southbound set-up), now would be a good time to email the
Mayor and Council and let them know. You can also join the Facebook group supporting the lane
reallocation trial. (link below)