"Bush Dodgers"

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So how many of you will be taking in

"Bush Dodgers"


I've had 3 inquiries already today...

K By K

Talking about something like this? (see link)

No no no! If all the anti-Bush crowd leaves the country it'll only be easier for the States to elect the same or worse next time. Encourage "Bush Dodgers" to stay, heck marry an American so YOU can vote in the next election!

... they still get to vote. I should know... I've been 'up here' for 31 years.

The real trick would be to get them all to establish residences in a single swing state.

If a large number of Democratic Party voters came into Canada, Canadian politics would take a huge shift to the right. Remember that our left is left of their left...

I dunno. The sort of people who are SO incensed that they would leave the country... I would guess that they could slot themselves into the NDP pretty easily.