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C_Fest is happening June 5,6 2004. C-Fest is the ONLY beginner level ultimate frisbee tournament we know of in Vancouver. This year it will be held at the Prince of Wales High School. In addition to ultimate there are a plethora of other activities to enjoy, making it the funnest tournament of the year... anywhere. Just look at the pictures or ask anyone who's been before.

Where else can you get your photo taken with a 6-foot inflatable penis?

Hey Max,

Could you give me more details as how long this tournament is (# of days), and cost... what is the last day to register?

Josee joseeduchesneau@hotmail.com

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Sorry, I forgot to include the vitals.

Check out our website.


The Most Fun tournament around, as long as you don't take intense play too seriously... and like to play drunk!