CUC2011 Open Call: TMF/Reverse Brick?

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Can't find this in the rules. Is this called something else?

That's covered in the Observer Manual. The reverse brick mark is demarcated in the field diagram accompanying the 11th Ed. rules, though.

Hell of a thing to do to your team, that, especially at such a critical time.

I'm not even sure what the call was for. Was it just a cutter complaining about tight physical D? Or, was there an altercation of some sort? With all the liberties defenders take at an elite level, what do you have to do to get an offensive TMF?

All I have to go on was the webcast commentary, but that mentionned a FG player giving another player a shove, I believe during the stoppage.

The Furious Twitter feed mentioned a shoving match between a couple of players.

The Rogers feed didn't show it, just briefly mentioned it. To be honest, I only watched to a little past half, then gave up. Not exactly an exciting game when there's a stoppage every second throw, especially when so many of them go well beyond a foul-contest. The poor commentary didn't help the situation either.

A little late here, but an explanation of the call/result.

FG had already been assessed two TMFs (Team Misconduct Fouls) - one for a sideline infraction, and one for a late bump on a mark (both teams had been warned that TMFs would be issued for these infractions). A third TMF was issued to FG for pushing/shoving between two players. The result of a third TMF is possession of the disc at the location in the middle of your own end zone.

TMFs are only applicable in observed games, so are covered in the Observer Manual, as mentioned previously.