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anyone, anyone?

There are a few places on twitter to get updates, but they are irregular. Saw that Prodigy took down 7 Deadly spins 13-12 earlier in the day. Zephyr also beat Wild Rose 15 - 7. Traffic beat PPF 15-4. Vortex 15-0 over Whiplash (that's just mean).

#CUC2012 for your search in twitter and you'll find what you're after.

Is there a results page that is available? CUC2012 website doesn't have it...

Yeah, no live scoring, it appears. Their website says: "Scores will be updated at the end of each day of the tournament. Until then, live updates can be found on Twitter".!/search/realtime/%23cuc2012

Furious just tweeted that they went 3-0 on Day one.

West Coast Sweep in 2012, as long as the Mixed Division can get it done.

Furious and the Nomads better not give up more than 9 in any game.

Gauntlet will end up 7th.


Gauntlet: 2-1 ... win against Winnipeg on universe. Only loss: Nomads
Blackfish: 3-0 ... win against GT /*edit "on universe"*/ 14-12.


Furious 3-0 with no close games. Heavy favorites despite having 16 players.

Blackfish 3-0 with 1st ever win over Grand Trunk (Blackfish's equivalent from Toronto) in a close one.

Richie and Friends 3-0: Vancouver's pickup open team upsets Waterloo Kitchener by 1 to take pool

Refinery 0-3: Vancouver's newest practicing men's team lost a close one to Ottawa's 2nd team Firebird. Word is that
these guys have a tight core group of players and may finally be another permanent men's team.

This division is a battle for the second finals berth between Blackfish, Richie, Mephisto and General Strike. I'd love to
see Blackfish do it this year as it's full of new talent.


Traffic 3-0 with no close games. Will also likely win gold.

Zephyr 3-0: Very impressive wins for these ladies, including what I'm guessing was a huge win over Toronto's Lotus.
They play Traffic today at noon and will likely finish 2nd in their pool and have an easy path to semis.

Battlecats 2-1: Women's pickup team has a loss to the second seed overall (QUB) and a one-point win over Ottawa.
I'd expect them to finish 2nd in their pool as well.

My prediction is that all 3 Vancouver teams make semis.


7 Deadly Spins 1-2: Number one seed in Mixed drops a game to Victoria and one to PRODiGY. Have you ever
wondered how your VUL team would stack up against Nationals calibre teams? The Spins have been one of the top VUL
teams for ~5 years and this is their first Nationals appearance. I don't know if they have their same lineup as their
Monday night team(, so I'll refrain from commenting further.

I'm not sure if there are other Mixed teams from Vancouver, but Victoria's Skysharks won their pool and will be playing
Montreal's Odysee at 5:15 today.


Nomads 3-0: I heard this is something like their 25th year together. Can someone confirm this? They'll surely add
another Canadian gold to complement the World Championship they won last month.

Gauntlet 2-1: Like achoo said, they only lost to Nomads yesterday.

Thanks for the update, Moses.

The CUC site says Richie beat Maverick by 4 points, not 1? They also beat Blackfish 15-11 at provincials. I don't know them well, but wouldn't be surprised by a finals berth.

7 Deadly has at least 4 players from Team Canada Mixed who won gold in Japan (i.e. TFP), and maybe more, but apparently they're short players overall for this weekend. Maybe they're saving themselves for the playoff bracket.

m2c By m2c

Apparently Canada Boys and Girls both lost in their Semi Finals at WJUC 2012 in Ireland and are now playing for the Bronze.

Gold will be Colombia vs USA in both divisions.


Looks like Gauntlet will make the Semi Finals in Masters...playing #4 seed tomorrow to see who can AVOID playing Nomads in one Semi. Other will be vs FIGJAM, who Gauntlet lost to today 15-10.

Not a lot of updates otherwise, looks like Vancouver teams keep rolling.


Furious comes back from 13-8 to beat General Strike 16-14. Great Open

Yesterday - BC Blaze Women take Jr Women, Mofo (Wpg) takes Jr Open
- BC Blaze 3rd

Nomads (no kidding) take Masters

Last two finals a little less exciting - Odyssey (YUL) dominant over Union,
Traffic solid 15-6 over QUB.

Great tournament, great job by the folks in Victoria.

And CUC comes home to Vancouver next year!

Watched the Open and Women's streams. I enjoyed both, but came away thinking that neither Traffic nor Furious would be happy with how they played.

Despite the 8-1 run in the second half, Furious wasn't dominant during any part of the game. The second half was more about General Strike making unforced or barely-forced errors. You could argue that was Furious' undoing in the first half. Furious was missing some key people, but great showing by GS.

Traffic, up by a lot slips on into its "bad-idea" jeans at half and gives QUB chance after chance to get in it. I liked the open-side looks that immediately turned to decently threaded breaks. These frequently broke down the D (both teams). A fair bit of throptimism present though (did Pumpkin Pull provide cookies?).

Did Furious win that game or did GS lose it? Some of both. GS had a solid game, but right from the start their O line made lots of turns. Furious D just couldn't capitalize.

GS D line was great, taking Furious turns and creating breaks during the middle of the game.

They won't think this way for some time, but GS needs to look at that game an be very happy that they pushed George like they did and played well enough to be there at the end. They would have taken a 14-14 game to 16 score any day prior to the game starting.

The bigger story was the overall crap game Furious played. Missing wide open (WIDE OPEN) cuts, bad hucks, bad read on good hucks and some of the worst End Zone O they have probably ever seen. You can't take away their late game run, they won the game, but does that effort leave anyone thinking that Furious is re-gaining the form they need to compete at the top level? UPA Finals seems like a pipe dream right now.

For the last 2 years Furious has flirted with the end of their amazing Canadian Nationals undefeated record (no losses at CUC since EVER). There were a large number of people in the stands and on-line who thought they were watching history in the making. But how long can it last?

The biggest winner yesterday might have been GOAT watching from home. They have to be thinking, or even knowing that Furious is ripe for the taking in 2013 and they will be geared up for that showdown. Winning CUC isn't the prize in Open anymore, beating Furious at the event is! Less easy games next year as it's qualification for World Clubs 2014, so Furious needs to show that the young guns are ready to step up and take the team to the next level. I can't give Furious the benifit of the doubt right now and say that they are the favorite in 2013.

Buy those tickets for the Open Final early, Thunderbird Stadium might be sold out and you don't want to miss out on the chance of telling your grandchilderend that you were there the day Furious lost.

Good show to all the Vancouver teams at CUC 2012. With CUC in Vancovuer next year maybe we can repeat 2004 and sweep all divisions! 358 days to the first huck!


Jesus. You guys are ruthless.

Yeah, at the end of the day I thought the best team of the tournament
was Odyssey. Survived a bit of a scare against Spins in pool play but
were clinical the rest of the way. Other teams (Nomads not included)
were building toward regionals, Odyssey looked ready.

I don't think Furious was ever happy with their play, and I can't see
how they weren't at least a little bit distracted, as a whole bunch of
people were talking to them or about them around the Worlds game,
response and fallout. Hard enough to play Nationals without the weight
of the ultimate world in your bag.

Didn't see a lot of Traffic, but from what I did see they met with
minimal resistance, which is a tough way to sharpen your game. And if
someone saw them letting QUB back in, someone saw a different
game than me.

Big kudos to BC Blaze women, missing four or five players to the WJUC
Team Canada team and still coming out on top, and same to BC Blaze
Open, missing key players but hard fought bronze.

Nomads, no point in complimenting Nomads.

But most of all congratulations to all the BC teams for their effort, to
the organizers from a small ultimate community who put on a big time
event, and to all the players from across the country who represented
our game so well. Have a read of an ultimate neophyte who lives next
door posted to the UC facebook page (next post)

Dear Ultimate Canada and the members that drive her,

I am a person who has never played or even really watch an ultimate
game. I know nothing of the sport. However I was a great athlete in
my day.

I have a house that backs on the Lansdowne School where your
Canadian Championship was played. Two fields were less than 6 feet
away. What a sight of colour and positive emotion.

I watched a few games but I was really interested when I saw Lotus
and PPF play. Yes they were great athletes. They had skill,
determination and a fantastic sense of teamwork. They were top
sportswomen. The game went into over time, and there were a ton of
diving catches. However that is not what got me hooked. I have
observed great performers before. It was something that was much
more powerful. They played with such sportsmanship that it took my
breath away. In the end Lotus won but really neither team lost, and I
won. I would watch their next games from my porch and cheered them
on as both played their new opponent in front of my house.

The next day I thought something was missing for a Canadian
Championship: flags.

As I thought about this I remembered the flags I put up for Canada
Day (2 Canadian Flags, 1 flag from each province and a Yukon flag. I
had to hope there was no North West Territory or Nunavut
representatives). I put them up on my balcony fence and soon
everyone from competitors, families and billets came up to me and
said that was what was missing. MOFO girls were playing in front and I
started to cheer for them. Soon their manager asked me to watch their
games. I pulled out my binoculars and watch the girl’s team win bronze
and the boy’s team gold. However like the day before it was not the
play to blew me away, but the attitude that they were not bigger than
the game. Sportsmanship from all teams through out the weekend
made me proud of the up coming generation. I only heard two
swearwords in the entire weekend and they were from older males.
I loaned the MOFO team the Manitoba flag for their team photo. Right
after that was BC playing Toronto. Similar all games the only thing that
topped the skill was the kindness and respect they showed to each
other. Sharing in the victories and caring about any injuries. Yes I
loaned BC their flag to for their picture as there was none around.

If I could have two complaints it would be about two swear words and
no flags and really out of 1500 competitors is that really all I have to
complain about? I want to thank Lotus, PPF, MOFO (sorry for calling
you Jets for ½ the day your logo was similar), BC and all who
participated. You let an old man dream he was a great athlete again,
one who had integrity and did what was right. Thank you for the in site
into your sport. You may have exclusive athletes but they are inclusive
in the way they treat each other and the game itself.

Roger Aubin

Perfection - It just isn't good enough!


Sorry fast runner; no disrespect meant. Clearly, winning nats is an accomplishment few in the ulty community will achieve. Congratulations Furious, Traffic, Odysee, Mofo, BC Blaze women, and Nomads!

BC also picks up 3 spirit prizes according to the Ultimate Canada Facebook page:

Congratulations to all of the 2012 CUC Spirit Champions!

-Jr Open: Hydro (Province of Quebec)
-Jr Women: Aera (Province of Quebec)
-Masters: Gauntlet (Vancouver)
-Mixed: Skysharks (Victoria)
-Open: Homegrown (Nelson)
-Women's: Mystik (Montreal)

Did I miss something? Isn't Montreal in the "Province of Quebec"?

As I ALWAYS cheer for the underdog, cheering at the 2013 CUC final will be no different! ;)

The Quebec juniors were not 'club' teams but provincial teams with players from all over PQ as opposed to Mystik which is a Montreal based club team.

Roger Aubin... Who was he? The name sounds familiar...

That Roger Aubin 'quote' was from a facebook post circulating around.
You can see his house, with the flags up, in both of the Junior final on-
line games. Other than that, you probably wouldn't recognize his name,
unless you're somehow related in another part of your life.