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Some interesting results from friday:

Nomads lost to General strike 10-13
Blackfish lost to Grand Trunk 11-12

It's difficult to deal with the CUC website after the worlds site set the bar so high.

Is asking for them to post results for all the games after each day too much to ask?


ya - tough website to follow - most results from Thur/Fri are posted.

Here's what I know:

Open quarters:

Blackfish - General Strike

Nomads - Grand Trunk

Invictus - Mangina

Phoenix - Mephisto

Blackfish/Nomads - nomads won
? / Mephisto - Mephisto won

Apparently TFP lost 2 games on Friday...haven't seen any results other than open for todays quarters/semis.

Ultivillage is live streaming the finals tomorrow.

Thanks for the update AMC.

Val By Val

Anybody knows the finals match ups?

I just know the Open Final -- Nomads vs Mephisto. Nomads rolled Blackfish in the semi (after Blackfish beat Winnipeg by 1 in the quarter). Mephisto was up on Invictus 6-1 in their semi, then saw Invictus come back to tie it. The game was 9-9 and capped at 12, and Mephisto took it 12-10. Two Mephisto players were hurt on impact injuries in that game.

Invictus went on to beat Blackfish (I believe by 1) in the 3-4 game.

TFP did lose a pair of games along the way, but are in the final. (Don't know who they're playing.)

Haven't been at the same fields as the women to see any of their games.

Vancouver lost the junior final by 1.

In Masters, Glum rolled over Figjam in the final. Our Sabotage masters won all three of their games on Saturday and took the lower pool, finising 5th.

Thanks for the updates everyone. The website had no updates late Saturday night.

Watching the UV webcast now. Anyone know if there is a high bandwidth version like the one they offered @ Worlds? The low bandwidth is rather small (not complaining though). :)

- Seppo #22

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The Calgary site is embarassing. No updates, no scores, no draws, etc. Yes the worlds' site put a lot of money into it, but it is not that hard to put up an Excel or PDF update or post the scores after each draw, even if they put it on a forum post. It's tough to make suggestions to the admin, as if you do they just attack you and say you should do it yourself instead of complaining.

On a side note, the commentators on ultivillage are a pleasant surprise. I am thankful I don't have to hear the female announcer at worlds talking about the beer garden, hammer throws and how Australia has more variety of cheers than the USA. They both only have one cheer.

How bad is the Calgary Nationals site?

Click on the link CUC2008 Results and the most obvious information is the 2007 Nationals results!

(Thursday and Fridays results from 2008 can be found on the link but it is difficult to understand who won what game.)

Come'on Calgary, get it together!


Maybe a web-based score reporting system is something that CUPA should take control of so there is consistency from year to year?

Results are finally in. Looks like BC takes the gold in open and mixed and a silver in juniors. Props to all the BC teams who represented our province this weekend at nats.

Wow, you guys have high standards!

Sorry to have let you down on the web front. But you know what, we're cool with it because we spent all our efforts on making sure the athletes who actually were at the tournament were well taken care of. And I'm pretty sure if you ask them when they get home that they'll say we succeeded in that.

Having said this, some of you are probably right, if CUPA wants results to be seamless, instant and consistent, they should invest in an online tournament scoring system. We just happened to roll with our own league software system and while it's good when you've got a week before the next games need to be online, it failed miserably when the only person who knew how to setup games was also the tournament chair. Which if any of you have ever been a TD at nationals will know means lots of long nights and lots of very early mornings. Not only that, but we also had pretty limited internet access on site.

Anyway, apologies to those fans out there in Vancouver who didn't get the scores fast enough. You guys must really love your nationals. I don't blame you, it was a pretty great tournament. Too bad you couldn't come to town yourselves. We had a blast!


Dave McLean, Tournament Chair
2008 Canadian Ultimate Championships

Yep, looks like we can see how #1, #2 and #3 came in, anything more will need to wait...once you are editing the page to add that information how hard is it to type in the rest of the teams???

Anyway, as has been mentioned, not really the tournaments fault so much as the Ultimate Community in Canada.

Lets get CUPA the money they need to run a decent organization, create a web site that will host Nationals each year, put some resources towards helping out the hosts and even manage to push our sport forward.

My $10/year is ready to go, where do I send it?


Well, once I finished tearing down all the rentals at the site, and loading the boxes and couches into the van I just didn't have the energy to add in the rest. Honestly I'm surprised I got home without running off the road.

More results coming soon. I guess you'll just have to wait. :-)

But yeah, it's up to CUPA to make things consistent from year to year, and that said, it's the members that make CUPA what it is, not just the Executive Director. Sometimes it takes more leadership than money to make things happen.


Danny will already be aware of the need for CUPA to make things more consistent, and for anyone interested, the volunteers in Calgary did an excellent job looking after the athletes at two venues. Above and beyond the call every day, I'd say...I don't know if I've seen better.

Finals-wise, the two BC teams on Sunday had a huge wind to deal with. The athleticism in the Open final was taken away by the strong wind, and I thought Mephisto did well to hang in through to the cap.

TFP rolled on Onyx. There's no other way to view it. They simply had more legs.

Oddly enough damclean did have time to post twice to the VUL forum!

Actually, I thought the whole thing was pretty well run. From a players perspective, it was pretty easy to figure out where I needed to be, where the where the food was, where the med tent was, ...etc.

Wrt online scores: I was very happy that the organizers focused their resources on things like providing adequate water for the players rather than putting the scores online.

And the party was better than most ultimate parties I've been to in a while.

Nice work Calgary.

Party: Kicked ass!
Field conditions: Pretty darn good compared to TO
Field food - Sucked (missed my bagel and pb&j)
Massage tent - Rocked!
Swag: Pretty cool
Everything else: Kicked ass!

And everything would have been even better than what was already a great event if the organizers didn't need to do anything with registration, schedule, web site, score updates, national sponsorship, media relations and so on - all things that CUPA could be doing.

However, CUPA has never had the money to even come close to any of this. Just like most TD's, Danny is doing his best on a shoesting with little support. If we got CUPA $100-$200K/Year (from Ultimate players funding and then, because of that, Government Funding) and nothing changed then we should all feel free to complane away.

So lets buck up, every Ultimate player in Canada should join CUPA, nost just those who attend CUUC and CUC...

I know the ball is rolling in that direction, but I hope we all support it when it gets here.

Good job on Nationals, as always too many hours and too little support. We don't really need scores or standings, it just gives us all something to bitch about :) I have already forgot who won Open - but I guess if it was one of Blackfish's goals for this year it must have been them...


--> Party: Kicked ass! <--

One word: SMASH BINGO!!!

Personal stats: 4 days, 17 games worked, 1 offside field-position penalty assessed, 2 team misconduct fouls given, 1 live UVTV interview (thx for the stardom, Rob), 0 deaths (including 2 Invictus/Blackfish matchups), uncountable "how could you see that from there" comments.

Sweet weekend!!!

@ my 2 cents

Good call, I just went and paid my complaint fee (in case I'm ever inclined to do so).

I heard there may have been stats taken (goals scored). Is this true? If so, will they be released?

Fairly sure stats were NOT taken. I was involved in at least 17+ games and I didn't see anyone taking this type of info down.

Doc By Doc

why the heck does CUPA need anywhere near that amount of money??
buy a wiki for less than $10K - setting up tourney pages each year would be simple.
The Ultimate Community watching games could post scores - we know there'd be the gurus like Temple & Mortakai to watchover the site and make sure pages weren't tampered with.

It's simple and cheap.

there is no bingo like SMASH BINGO!!

we like to do it up right in calgary... :)

Dave, I'm fairly sure m2c didn't quote that amount thinking that would only be for scores stuff and the like, but rather for all of the various programs and services that the broader Canadian Ultimate communities want.

We were spoiled by the instant updates during worlds but WUCC and CUC are apples and oranges. WUCC organizing committee are the best in the business and they had 3 years to prepare. CUC is a bunch of guys who live in Calgary who did tons of work and truly pulled off a great Nationals.

I suggest that organizers get some thoughts down after the event, be it nats or worlds or flower bowl and get these thoughts to the next organizing committee.. No point in the next group to re-learn these lessons.

moving on, I love the personal updates that people post on the forum, let's keep that going. Let's hear from you if you have some stories, players, observers, volunteers, spectators, tournament directors..!

Doc By Doc

Great thinking Mort - the Wiki allows you to add any info you want to add ...

It does not need to be Apples and Oranges, it's really Apples and different Apples.

CUPA has been around for years. This is my point. CUC will always be run by "A bunch of people who live in _________" who don't have years of organizing experiance. That is fine. What we need is the ability to have support of people and resources that can be focused on CUC and help those bunch of people in their efforts.

CUPA couldn't help create a kick ass party, but they could run the kick ass web site.

Dave - we are beyond the point that we can rely on tools that are updated and customized by volunteers that are not "working" for the organization. So a wiki might work, but some work would need to be done to create it (by whom?) and then update it often (by whom?) and when that person leaves where is the documentation? Who owns the knowledge?

And yes, that is just one small part of the point.

Another one might be the ability of a serious organization to leverage National Level Sponsors so that CUC isn't sponsored by "Pete's Auto Supply Store - with 3 locations in the greater Halifax area" but by Air Canada, Molson or Research in Motion...The bunch of people running Nationals usually don't have the contacts or knowledge of how to get really effective sponsorship deals, and until we can do that we won't see any big deals.

Would that kick ass party have been even more kick ass if the bunch of people running it had an extra $10,000 in their pockets?


"Would that kick ass party have been even more kick ass if the bunch of people running it had an extra $10,000 in their pockets?"

Smash Bingo = almost free!!

I felt like the party's ass-kicking really stemmed from the terrific live band and serious boogeying all night!

Smash bingo, on the other hand, i kind of felt was awkward to watch...this dude appeared to be taking out some serious rage (or perhaps ex-girlfriend) issues on lamps and tv's while the audience watched and shifted awkwardly in their viewing spots...clearing throats..uh, does someone wanna give this guy a hug?

neat idea though :) maybe it's just because I'm not albertan...OH!

Completely agree with m2c's points. We're talking about creating a balance between national infrastructure, and regional volunteerism/effort/flavour. There is zero incentive to organize CUC's a lot of work to only produce an event of a certain class... and comes with the wonderful reward of being bitched at for not delivering at a higher level on *some* elements.

On that note, how unfair for anyone to compare CUC to Worlds... the differences in scope, budget, and support are wildly different. The score-reporting system is one example - it was barely worth it for the WUGC organization to develop that software to have from-the-field play-by-play reporting, practically instantly uploaded to the web. Did that get us anything? We didn't sell access to that information online. It certainly didn't serve our players, who were on the field anyway. It saved a few people (me included) from having to go outside of volunteer central to check on scores mid-game, but beyond that, it was almost entirely for the international goodwill of spectators that weren't able to attend.

I can't believe that people could complain that CUC didn't have the same functionality (although there may be some validity to that claim that a PDF at the end of each day might have been nice...I wouldn't know. After worlds, I slept for two days, and didn't even want to hear the word ultimate for another five.)

Maybe an organization like CUPA could purchase or license the Worlds score reporting software on behalf of CUC and the regional championships? Certainly each individual tourney couldn't afford, or be incented, to do so.

my experience

-nationals was a lot of fun - great fields, lots of water (always being delivered well on time), nice and friendly volunteers (first time i remember there being timers/scorers for all pool play games - which was really nice), easy to get around - lots of shuttle buses

-my team all chipped in $10 bucks and created our own field food - we would have all been happy paying that money to the organizers and having them do that - i know there is limited volunteers, time and money, but having basic food on site is a big one for me

-i was (still am) confused why i couldn't even find out the scores of the mixed (to use one example) quarters and semis online - i have been following competitive ulti tourneys for a long time (mid-90s) and since the internet "exploded", i can't remember the last time i couldn't get this sort of info - i don't even feel spoiled with this last worlds - with the UPA socre reporter, i can see results from most north american tourney by the next morning (or at least by the monday following the weekend) - i find it mildly frustrating that i still don't know what the score of the saturday games were that i wasn't involved in

-didn't make the party, but all accounts were that it rocked

-having said all of that - i had a great time and would go again in a second

-for the one person who pondered whether sabotage would win any games, we did - thanks for the "bulletin board material"

Smash Bingo aside... (and it's been done at Vernon and other points West too...) the kick-ass band cost some kick-ass dollars too. As did the tents and such.

I'm really appreciating all the comments and constructive feedback on this forum, because it actually is constructive. Finding national level sponsors is way more difficult for a local body who's only got 6-12 months lead time.

Having said this, we did receive a handful of guidance from Danny, but not necessarily because he's from CUPA, but because he's run CUC in the past. A large part of our experience was derived from learning from those who'd been to many multiple CUCs, World's and other great tournaments. We learned a lot from being at CUC07, but were a little surprised at how reluctant their organizing body was to share the information that they had worked so hard to gather. I sometimes felt like I was trying to "steal" their knowledge.

The team I assembled came from all walks of life -- though almost all are Ultimate players. And based on previous related experiences organizing various events we managed to pull off a pretty good show. In the next month or so I hope to produce a document that can be shared with the next organizing committee, so they can either ignore our mistakes, or learn from them. Either way, at least they'll have the information.

Some might say, that if you're happy with how CUC2008 went, maybe it's time to think about coming back to Calgary for Ho-Down. Same formula, slightly smaller scale.

Anyway back to Smash Bingo, if you felt awkward about it you were either too sober, or just too worried about our liability insurance. ;-)

Thanks all, keep it rolling.


I missed the smash bingo because I was rockin with everyone else to the awesome party band and playing frickets

in the party vein, perhaps more people should be assigned to the bar during the rush time. I was chagrined to see only 3 pourers and 3 servers that also had to take cash and feed beer to organizers/band members. I was dismissed from my volunteer shift at 10 and would have taken a turn helping behind the bar during the crush time to help move the big lineup. 45 mins in line is way too long during prime drinking time!

it's a small quibble for an overall 'smashing' success of a party..!

Hey Sultan,

Totally agree with you on the party. Sadly the facility wouldn't let us run a volunteer bar, so we had to go with his staff. He was not expecting them to get slammed and thus the service suffered. You'd never believe how many of the 'Organizers' saw this happening and asked him (politely, and then not so politely) what he was going to do about it.

Sure enough, he brought out some cans to help quell the initial rush. But yeah, we hear ya.


ps. For those still following this thread for the results of the tourney... I'm back at my day job and hope to get some done after work tonight. Fingers crossed.


I want to say that, I personally, appreciate your effort in getting feedback from everyone and promoting CUA. This is the second time I have seen you visit another board and, very patiently, explaining the situation to a crowd.

BTW: The other time was about Slo/Ho-Down tournament to the EUPA board.


All the results have been posted on the website with full game results in PDF format. Look to the sidebar on the right side.