CUC Vancouver 2013 Party Venue Ideas?

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Nationals are here in Vancouver next year if you haven't heard, and we are
starting to explore party venue options. Any ideas are great at this point. Things to
keep in mind:

- Needs to fit around 1200 people
- Participants will be staying at UBC, so shuttle ride should be reasonable (ideally
20 min or less, perhaps could be as long as 30 for a great venue)
- Indoor plus big outdoor space would be perfect, outdoor only would be awesome
but much more difficult, indoor only acceptable.

If you are interested in playing a major role in the party planning and execution,
shoot me a message.

-Craig K

Science World!

Please, please, please.

Gisel's house!

m2c By m2c

OK, but I go to bed at 10pm, so everyone out at 9:59!


The anthropology museum at UBC, maybe? Thunderbird Arena? They're closer.

I will plan and execute all kinds of things if we do Science World, though. Oh, my God, the science -- there is so much of it.

rmt By rmt

The Salt building in the olympic village is a good venue. Not sure about capacity though. And there's not much outdoor space.

Planetarium :) Science, AND outdoor space.

everyone parties hard until 9:59 and then up to Gisel's bedroom?!?!?!

count me OUT!

I looked into the Salt Building for you Craig, they are only taking bookings until Dec 2012, which makes me think they might be negotiating with a long term tenant.


Ok, thanks Kieran! And thanks all for the ideas, Gisel's bedroom is the
front runner

Kerrisdale Arena?

The commodore?

Commodore is 990 capacity

Seaforth Armory

Club 560

Two words. Commodore Ballroom.