Can Athletes Perform Well on a Vegan Diet?

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Very interesting discussion, from *informed* experts.

(click www link below).

reading from this I think the messages are:

- no conclusive evidence that athletic performance
performance is compromised by a vegan diet

- eating a "good diet" in the first place is a more
important issue

- "training trumps diet" for performance improvement
but that assumes a good base level of diet/nutrition

your take?

Eating a good diet is definitely the most important. Though there are
the occasional freaks like Michael Phelps that are still able to eat
McDonalds and pizza and be an elite athlete, but they're rare. And I'd
definitely agree with your third point. You can train all you want, but
you're just making it harder on yourself if you hit DQ after a workout.

I really see no reason why not to go vegan, as long as you're smart
about it. Like the article says, you can be vegan or vegetarian and still
not eat well (which my lard-ass can attest to).

Looking at the other side of the athletics coin, Mac Danzig is a vegan
MMA fighter, so it's not just for thin runners.

Whether the "Eat Right For Your Type" crowd is right or not, it seems
like some people just do better on certain types of diets. Psychological
or otherwise, I think it adds weight to the fact that no diet works well
for everyone; we've all gotta figure it out for ourselves.

Here is an okay article on veggie diet. Has an interesting list of athletes at the bottom of the article.

Brendan Brazier's "The Thrive Diet" is a very interesting read. He's a triathelete.