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In addition to the post below looking for Women guts players, I wanted to throw it out there that some of the top guts players in the world (from Asia & US) are really encouraging newer teams to try it out, and create a larger pool of teams for Worlds in August.

I can likely arrange to get some guts discs and instructional videos sent along to help teach the game, and can act as a contact person to collect names of anyone interested.

5 people play at a time, but there should be a few spares on the roster as well. I'm sure given that we're hosting, that we can at least get 1 team together.

This summer I tried out a number of field events, discathon & DDC at a tournament, and it was one of the best times I've had a tournament. Why not try guts?

You can email me using the link below.

I was and am still definitely interested in this, but I've gotten side-tracked (bad me). I
actually sent away for some official Guts discs, so I've got 10 that I'm happy to share with
anybody who's interested (or I can donate the majority to the BCDSS for loaning out).

I was thinking about organizing something over the Winter as well. We can play indoors, or on
a nice turf field in BBY or Point Grey.

I'm away for a few weeks starting the end of this month, but maybe we can get something
going over the holiday break.

Alan Baggish, I, and a few others played around with a real Guts disc before Babes this year
and I noticed that a lot of my preconceived notions about Guts weren't true. Here are some
things I learned after trying it out the first time:

1) You don't use a ulty disc. It's a 110g, really floppy disc. Throwing it as hard as we could at
each other didn't hurt at all.

2) You're 14m apart, not 5m. It's a lot like a mac line. The first person just tries to deflect
the disc up so that another teammate can catch it one-handed.

3) Sure it isn't called "Brains" for a reason, but it's a lot of fun!


Who'd be interested in an afternoon of Guts/drinking sometime in the next little while?

i am interested


also interested

born ineligible for the women's team though


Current thinking is that there will likely be a local qualifying tournament in the spring as there seems to be a number of interested individuals, and possibly groups of people coming in as a team.

I think some pickup games would be a great way for various players to meet each other, get a feel for the game, and decide who wants to form a team with each other.

I expect the need for a qualifier in open, but for womens we can see what the interest is like.

I also expect the 2 canadian bids to get split 1 east/1 west. Again - not sure if there's a need to over-procedurize it all...but if suddenly there's a strong interest, we can work with CUPA to figure out some team selection guidelines.

i would defeintly be interested in a game of guts, but i was never sure of 100% how it worked...

i'm down

put in a bid and hold tryouts - I'm there

is anyone organized?

Organized might be a bit of a stretch, but I gave people a GUTS option when registering for Winter Hat in Burnaby, which finishes up at the end of January. We've played a couple of games of GUTS so far, either as warm-up or cool down after games.

We also have a large quantity of GUTS discs which we're expecting to arrive hopefully next week. So if you're looking to get some discs or wanting to try it out and don't mind trekking out to the 'burbs you're welcome to join us on a Monday night.

We are considering offering a GUTS league as part of our Spring League offering (Feb-April), but nothing has been decided on that so far.