Canadian Rockies - What are your favourites!

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Lau By Lau

OK, I'm taking family from Spain to the rockies

in September...and I'm not too familiar with

anything other than Lake Louise. What are your

favourite hotels, hikes, destinations? Where

should we stay in Jasper/banff/Lake Louise?

Hotsprings/glaciers/gondolas? Please help!!

Ah, one of my favourite areas...

Definitely do the drive between Banff and Jasper. And between Banff and Lake Louise, definitely take the Bow Valley Parkway instead of Highway 1; you access the Parkway about 5 minutes west of Banff (going North), or directly from Lake Louise (going South). I've included a link (below) to some good information on the Parkway, including stops, and side-trip hikes. Also the home-page on that site should give you a massive host of information for the entire Rockies area.

In Banff, wandering through the Banff Springs Hotel is an event. Head behind the hotel to the falls (whatever they're called). Also check out the Cave and Basin site (near the hotel) for a nice walk through some cool scenery, and drive up Sulphur Mountain (also near the hotel) where there's a hotsprings and gondola to the top.

I'm not too familiar with either Lake Louise (other than wandering in the townsite and the Chateau area), or Jasper. If you're heading west from Jasper or east into it, the Mount Robson area (highest point in Canadian Rockies ... about 30-60 minutes west of Jasper) was particularly cool.

For the "where should we stay" question. Are you tenting, RVing, or Hotelling?

It matters what distance you are talking about for hikes. Mt. Robson is absolutley amazing and you don't have to hike very far in to get a great view of it, however you could spend a day getting in and a day getting out. As well, Mt Assinaboine is a must see, however it can't be seen without a 29km hike in. If a hike is not what you are looking for, there is a helicopter service that will take you to a hotel in the middle of the park. I got helicoptered out once after a minor problem.

Lake Louise is amazing and definitley the place to go to if you want to relax in front of nature. Jasper is also a great place to visit.

Lau By Lau

cool, thanks you guys, I was hoping some mountain enthusiasts would jump in with good


We're probably hotelling, I'm taking them to the Juan de Fuca trail for a couple of nights, to give

them the ole' Canadian camping experience...

This might be the place to splurge as we won't have too many nights in hotels. I was thinking the

Chateau Lk Louise, and then something in Jasper...but if there was other cool spots that I don't

know about I'd love to hear it.

Hiking? 29 KM is too far. I'd think 8-10km in a day is more their style (or how about more my


I've heard there's a couple sets of hotsprings in the area. Does anyone have a favourite?

How about a glacier tour? Worth doing?

What else? Favourite restaurants?

I will have a look at your web page suggestions, thanks Mortakai and Mike!

--> We're probably hotelling ... <--

Ah, then that's beyond my recent experience. I typically either tent or RV in the area. I haven't hotelled there since... um... too long to remember, but it's been at least a few decades.

The rest -- hotsprings, glacier tour, restaurants -- I also haven't done recently when I've been there. I'll trust others with more relevant experience to continue...

Completely random thoughts... This proves more and more that I might just have ADHD.

Ah Ha! Finally, a post that involves my province! Now, the problem is I will tell of all these great places; however, it being in Jasper or Banff, will be convulted in my head!

This is gonna be pretty sketchy. It is just what I remember from going to Banff and Jasper on a yearly basis...

I would suggest the square: Edmonton, Calgary, Jasper and Banff... With stop overs at Radium Hot Springs.

Edmonton: West Edmonton Mall and Fort Edmonton Park are great places to go.

Sylvan Lake on the way to Calgary.

Calgary: Hertiage Park and Eau Claire Area.

Banff/Jasper... Again, I am horrible, therefore I don't know what is in which city... I get em' confuzzled.

- The hot springs (I think Banff) isn't too bad

- There is a flower garden (Banff I think)

- There are a lot of nice candy stores too

For resteraunts just walk around you'll find something really nice... The shopping is pretty good too.

Lake Louise is really nice.

Maligne Lake (Jasper) is pretty nice too.

Mount Robison is a good climb (It's not all that long either).

Radium Hot Springs is definately worth the few hours to get there. It has both a hot and cold pool, and a really nice ice cream store.

Between Banff and Jasper there is the Columbia Icefields. I have been there countless times; therefore, I have a bias.

If you even want there is drumheller you can go to... South Alberta. It is good for the Hoo-Doos too.

Yoho National Park has a beautiful waterfall...

Do forget to go to Canmore and

This is probably really confusing, so if you have any questions, go ahead and ask.

Camp Grounds...

Jasper: Whistlers

I also know there is a nice little area just outside of Jasper, and I forgot what it was called... The two towns that are about 30 minutes away from Jasper/Banff are nice little cities... Canmore is one. I can't remember the other... I think its Edson.

Uh... Better ask me questions...

if possible, take the train up. its an amazing trip!!