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Rather than emailing the VUL coord, (since we know how much that annoys him), I thought I'd post my techie question here while trying out the new forum at the same time.

I was given a link that said once I was logged in to the site, I could administer my team. I do this, and get Access Denied.

Is this because I just have to wait a few weeks until my team is fully paid, and then registered? Or is it a glitch with the site?

Where's the webmaster/mistress?


I got in fine. Although it was after I hunted for hours looking for the waiver link that was obscurely positioned and camouflaged.


1. What be you team name?

2. Click "allow e-mail" to get personal mail service...

Never mind, I found the problem.

Thanks for the help though folks.

I have the same problem, how did you fix it??