Can't find a team? Wanna play OPEN?

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To be clear, at this time there is no OPEN league. The intent of this post is to gauge interest in *starting* an OPEN league division.

If you are interested, follow the WWW link and fill in the survey.

You will need a ".net" passport to sign in, but the group membership is open. If there is enough interest, we will consult with the VUL board about feasibility.



Some explanation...

By "OPEN": I mean anyone (male, female, junior, master, ...etc).

The survey asks about three time slots (Friday evening, Saturday day, Sunday day) steering clear of league night time slots.

I am assuming:

1. we would need 4 teams minimum to start.

2. Teams would be balanced by skill level and gender.

3. Friday evenings *could* be made available to the VUL.

If you have comments, use the "Comments" field.


Why don't you ask people to post their responses here as well? That will avoid bumping a thread

that has no interest, as this thread will have new posts for each voter.

How about Jeff (VUL Coord) hosting a survey on the home page on this issue? And encouraging VUL membership to respond to the survey...

Well, nobody goes to the homepage anymore, uless they actively click on it. Its hijacked by this

stupid "my vul page" that shows up every time your session expires.

Having a little touble using the on-line web poll thingy... mostly because I don't use hotmail. Otherwise I'd be all over it.



me too (as above)

m. By m.

the site works easier if you have a passport acct.

just saw the pickup times listing... also a great idea, although musqueam isn't my most fav of fields ;)

Re: MSN passport, etc

I hear you. I hate signing up for that stuff as well. If you don't want to start a ".net" account, I've created a universal guest account. Here are the login details:


Password: ultimate

****Important**** be sure to sign out afterwards so others can sign in!!!