Carbon Offsets?

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Useful? A crock of sh*t? Discuss...

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I have yet to be convinced that purchasing carbon credits accomplish anything. Sure, you can assuage your guilt, but does it really help?

In order to convince businesses to do anything different from the status quo, you must first show how it will make/save them money. Offsets are a step towards creating a market (and therefore financial incentive) to reduce GHG emissions. The same holds true for the development and commercialization of innovative 'green' technologies - without the market development, they will continue to be no more than a great idea.

As with all developing markets - the benefits of carbon offsets will be slow to appear. However, as peak oil is already behind us, and as more and more government policies come into play re: climate change (e.g. U.S. Mayoral Agreement on Climate Change), and the associated emissions caps become more strict, I suspect the benefits will become more profound.

Oh, and it has absolutely nothing to do with assuaging guilt. It is all about dollars. Guilt is only a factor for those tree lovin' hippies :)


I stand partially corrected, after reading a March '07 Business Week magazine article in my physio's office.

As with all developing markets, there are bumps along the way...I figure, as long as the projects are happening, then the better off we all are. Thoughts?

I think there's an article in this week's Straight about offsets, too, but I can't find it online. There have been some reported problems, but they can definitely be useful.

Here's an older Straight article (Jan 2007):