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You know your sport is growing when it hits the big screen! "Chasing Sarasota" will be showing right here in Vancouver on Tuesday, July 31st at the Pacific Cinematheque. Get your tickets now to avoid disappointment. And it wouldn't be an ultimate event without an an after party!! Stay tuned for details.

Here's a little about the film or check out the trailer in the link below: Chasing Sarasota is the story of Rhino’s 2011 season: rebuilding, reloading and fighting for redemption. Live the full experience as Portland competes against the best teams in the world, in the nation’s hardest region. Rhino learns that battling the best also means battling yourself. Team depleting injuries, strategic breakdowns, player disqualifications and the demons of last year’s collapse jeopardize their ambitions to play on Ultimate’s biggest stage: Club Nationals in Sarasota, Florida.

A screening for "Chasing Sarasota" (the first feature-length documentary about an ultimate club) is coming to town: July 31 -- 19:00. See the linked poster for more details.

The film documents the 2011 season of Oregon's premier club, Rhino, and their struggle to make their place in one of the most competitive ultimate tournament series in the world. San Francisco Revolver, Portland Rhino, Seattle Sockeye, and Vancouver's Furious George all fight for relevance in visceral HD. Along the way, Rhino tells a story of amateur athleticism, obsession and introspection to which many of us can relate.

Tell your friends and book your tickets online (see link). Come watch some great ultimate, great storytelling, and enjoy the after-party with the film's producers.

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Bumping this up! Screening is NEXT WEEK! Get your tickets!