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Tk By Tk

Word on the street is there might be a Scrim weekind with Furious, sockeye, Invictus, and Voodoo. Check it out. Support Invictus !

When? Where?

... quit being such a tease!

Tk By Tk

Aug 12, 13 location to be anounced

Ah the battle of the NW, and combining powerhouses from the Washington/BC and Big Sky sections.

Depending on how numbers work out, we're likely to see at least 3 of these teams make it to the NW Regional fields at the end of September.

And I'd bet big dollars we'll see at least 2 of these teams make it to the Show at the end of October. My guess is that Rhino and the 'new' San Francisco team will be fighting to be included in the 4 from the NW that go there.

And to go one further with my betting ways, it's way better odds than any lottery I've ever seen, that if you shake hands with every player that shows up on the 12/13th, that you'll have touched at least half the guys who'll be on the field for the UPA Championship Final game, and also very likely those hoisting the cup at the end.

Ain't it great to live in such a wonderful city?!!

Tk By Tk

There could be some surprises this year.

is there a location for this yet?

I've heard a rumor it'll be from 11:30-5:30ish Saturday (today) at UBC. The Rugby enclosure I believe.

Oh man, this is not an event to be rumoured about. I need cold, hard facts! I want to see this!

Hey does anyone know the final scores of these scrimages?