Chick Flick Tourney in Seattle, WA

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Sign ups have started for Chick Flick, which will be Sat Dec 11, 2004.

For those of new to the area, Chick Flick is a highly spirited one day

women's hat tournament...a unique opportunity in the northwest.

Women of all ability levels are encouraged to sign up. Check out the site for more info...

Men are encouraged to volunteer their time - support your SO's and

teammates - provide food, massages or tournament help. Email the TD's if you're interested in helping, even if it's just an hour or two:

Since it's a women's hat tourney... can men play if they wear a woman's hat?

... or would that be a "no" because men can't also be "highly spirited"?

Val By Val

I went to that tournement a couple of years ago and it was a great time!

For guys interested, apparently there is a similar men's hat tourney the day after.

I'm assuming the Men's tournament is called "Dick Flick"