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Can anyone recommend a chiropractor?

I can recommend Dr. Mark Speakman is you're on the West Side -- he's pretty much 4th Ave at Dunbar.

On Nanaimo at Charles, Dr. Brent Willox. His is more of a total health and wellness approach, and he will do a careful assessment before treating you.

Both are excellent, both are used by other ultimate players, both are in the phonebook or you can Google to find them...


I recommend Dr. Debbie Wright. She's an avid ultimate player and a good chiro! Her office is on Broadway @ Yew.

E-mail me and I'll give her your email.

Yaletown: Demetri Katsikas -

Helped relieve nagging achillies inflamation for me and two others I know.

I second the recommendation of Dr. Debbie Wright!!!

She's an avid ultimate player and a good chiro!!!

Her office is on Broadway @ Yew and is called Broadway @ Yew Chiropractic & Massage.

The number is 604-738-1021.


I'd have to suggest Dr. Alicia Steele at Bahari Chiropractic & Wellness (Broadway and Bayswater). The number is 604.736.5157.

Great Dr and ulti player (plays on Vancouver's RoughRiders).


Colin...Isn't that you're girlfriend? ;)

But seriously, I also go to Dr Steele as well and she rocks. She's one of those good chiropractors who doesn't keep making you come back 5 times a week. One of the best I've had ever.


Another vote for Dr. Steele. She's helped me out with my back so

I could last playing tournaments and practices during the fall series. My results with her seemed more successful than with the physio treatments I've been getting.