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Can someone please tell me if cleats are a requirement or just recommended?


Recommended...for your own safety. And performance! Ultimate's a cutting game and you can turn on a dime much more easily in cleats.

Well, I can't...but other people can.

If you do wear cleats, you can't wear the ones with the metal cleats.

Exactly what CL said, except for the metal cleats bit. Sharp cleats, such as baseball cleats, track spikes etc, are not allowed. metal studs that aren't sharp are fine. If you want to start arguing about it,

Refer to part C of the link below.

Thanks, Geoff. It's funny - that was a "rule" (obviously not) that I was told in my first year of ultimate and then it's never once come up since.

Looks like I'm 0 for 2 this weekend (see Temple's post re: marker fouls - I'm getting a lot of "Carolyn's right except....").

I should do what I usually do...wait for one of you guys to answer!

I'm a little stuck on this - non-sharpened metal cleats like the ones
linked below are fine? Screw-in metal studs for soccer and rugby?

Yes, standard screw-in studs are fine.

Metal studs, in general, are fine. Sharp, broken, or otherwise dangerous studs are not.