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Lost a broken gaia cleat and a crappy old cleat at the Wednesday games. I picked up two mens size 9ish by mistake instead.

hi Kat,

i think i might have your cleats-i found two abandoned, forlorn, sad, lonely-looking

cleats after tuesday's games at memorial o. funny thing is that they were a

mismatching pair, but it sounds like they could be the ones. wasn't sure but i had a

hunch they belonged to someone on the bzzrs. (i'm on so flicking awesome, btw).

and not sure whose cleats you might have picked up instead coz i was still wearing


anywhoo, lemmee know if you think these are the ones, and i'll try to get them over to

you somehow. i play on thursdays with the fluffy bunnies as well (tonite at camosun

oval, which is a new VUL park i think). feel free to email back, or if you wanna, my

number is 604.609.2023. talk soon!