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Ok, so I've played for a few years - ok a bunch of years with a big break in the middle. But I'm back and looking to seriously improve my game. I play two nights a week, one high level and one not so high. I'd like some help improving my throwing (general conditioning I can improve on my own, but would welcome some tips on that as well). Who should I approach regarding some private instruction on throwing, and/or what do you think is the best/fastest way to see improvement in this area? Thanks!


Private coaching that I pay for was my first thought, but I don't know who would be best to contact on this. Anyone have recommendations?

If you're willing to wait, the VUL Super Clinic might be a great place to get (free!) advice and help. Spud and crew do a bang-up job every year, and there are always lots of elite players around to help out. You'd be learning from the very best.

You may already be familiar with Mike "Spud" Fleury, who runs many of the VUL's clinics. He also provides private lessons to teams and small groups from time to time. You can e-mail to get in touch with him. (At least, I think you can. I usually e-mail his personal account, so I'm not 100% sure.)

There are also many impecunious associates of the elite touring teams who would probably be happy to give lessons on off-training nights.

You can contact Traffic directly at their Facebook page!/pages/Traffic-Ultimate/206547416083175

You can contact Furious George at

You can e-mail me to get help you get in touch with any of the above.

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Since this thread is a year old I thought I'd say that I'm also interested in finding someone who is able to provide paid private lessons.  If you've got experience with helping people improving their throwing please let me know.  Thank you.