Competitive Co-ed teams?

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maz By maz

Does anyone know which competitive co-ed teams are looking to play at Nat's?

Does anyone know if these teams are looking for women?

Are there tryouts in the works?

Are there any coed players interested in forming a team to compete at Regionals/Nat's?

I'm on a competitive co-ed team that's looking to pick up some strong players for next weekends Udder Bowl and likely some tournaments after that (perhaps Regionals). We also play VUL, but our roster is pretty much full for that. Email me if you'd be interested in playing in any tournaments (or practicing) with us.

Use the email button at the bottom of my above posting. (I don't like including my address directly as spammers would pick it up.)

A couple people have emailed me...I'm going to discuss it with our team tonight to see what kind of players we need for tournaments.