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Hi fellow ultimate players,

In 2010, after ultimate season, I began a 3,000 km walking journey from Vancouver
towards the border between California and Mexico. The trip took me 316 days and 3
pairs of shoes.

It was, as you'd expect, life-changing. Now, I'm working to retell the story in an
innovative way: as an interactive scavenger hunt on your cell phone. The idea is to
encourage others to embark on their own adventure and to litter the path with the
wisdom I picked up from my journey.

My hunch is that acting out a deep journey is just the right thing to catalyze one.

I'm fundraising for this project on indiegogo, and there's only 4 days left to get to my
goal. I've got a concise, fast video that tells the story of the project with plenty of
photographs. I'm reaching out to all my communities to ask for their help.

My dream is to inspire others to open their hearts by sharing what I've learned while
exploring deeply into mine. Will you help me make it real?

Thank you and best wishes,