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just finished watching "The Corporation" (yeah, I'm a little behind on movie watching)

Forget about "Slither" or "Snakes on a Plane"... THIS is the scariest movie you can see this year.

I mean, pus milk? Babies with no eyes? Near military coups? Terminator seeds? Holy freakin crap.

I was intrigued by the main premise: because corporations are legally "persons" (what a wierd concept) the filmmakers examined how corporations typically behave, and found some stricking similarities to the behaviour of psychopaths. Lovely, and truly scary as you say.

For everyone else, don't go watch it just cause you already agree, and don't avoid it just cause you disagree. Go see it because it's a really interesting movie.

If you do decide to see it, I'd recommend renting it. Sitting through the entire 3+ hour screening can be done, but I found that it was overload. After the intermission (yes, intermission) most of the film became a blur.

However, very interesting and thought-provoking.

That's a crazy length of time. There must have been a few previews, as the DVD is < 2.5 hours.

it sometime's plays on PBS (Public Broacasting STation?) which is a Washington station. I saw it on the DVD and it was nice to be able to stand up and take a stretch just to absorb all the information that was thrown at me.

I reccomend seein gi tmore than once to really get a handle on what's being said because it's so chalk full of information it's a bit overwhelming at times.

I personally enjoyed the story about the man who's making his company more earth/environment friendly by the month because he truly believes in sustainable practices.