D touches the disc in the air on a pull

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I had this happened to me today and I wonder if re-pulling or start play at where the disc lands are the only choices or can I start play at where the player from the pulling team touches the disc.

From the rule book,
VIII B5. A player on the throwing team may not touch the pull in the air before a member of the receiving team touches it. If this violation occurs, the receiving team may request a re-pull immediately.

Those are the only two options.

I agree that it would make sense to add a third: play it where it was touched. But since this
scenario is such a rarity (unless your opponents are blatantly cheating), I wonder if it's worth

What happened? Was it a terrible pull that came back to the pulling team, and somebody
smacked it downfield?

Nothing like that. The disc went pass at least half the field and the guy said it was alright as long as it's to stop the disc from going backwards.

The D can stop a roller -- it doesn't meet the definition of being 'in the air' so it's OK.

The D cannot stop a disc in the air being blown back by the wind.

Why did he touch the disc? what possible reason could there be?

I stop a rolling disc to prevent it from moving towards the end-zone I'm defending.

Well, he just said it's alright to do so because that's the way it has been for him for many years. I disagree and said he can't do that. However, he insisted that it was alright as long as it's to stop the flying disc from going backward. I didn't agree with him but I let it go so the game can go on.

There's no accounting for people that don't know the rules, but choose to enforce them.


I often wonder how many iterations away we are from Calvinball. As time goes by, it seems fewer and fewer.

Heh... It's better than Calvinball. It's ULTIMATE CALVINBALL!!!

I'm trying to remember the name of the cardgame that Chandler taught Joey so he could let Joey win some money, and then Joey lost it all when he showed it to Ross.