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Does the D touching the disc OB make the disc OB?

The throw went out. D touched it OB but didn't stop it. Disc came back in and O caught it. Is it a point or a TO where the D touched it?

Unless it's caught by an OB Defensive player, the disc is still IB. The situation you described
would be a point.

The rules: http://www.vul.bc.ca/v3/home/download/UPA11thEd.htm

Under the section called "In and Out of Bounds" you'll see the following rule:

IX.E) A disc becomes out-of-bounds when it first contacts the out-of-bounds area, contacts an
out-of-bounds offensive player, or is caught by an out-of-bounds defensive player.

Why even argue??? Just give it to the offense!!! The D messed up and it was caught in bounds.