Dangerous Play in the Rain

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Just a reminder to everyone, just because it's raining and the ground is slippery, it doesn't give you an excuse to full on body-check our women because you "couldn't stop in time". And yes, smacking someone in the head is a foul. I hope the poor spirit score you gave us for you being a reckless twat eased the pain of the loss you're clearly upset about. Next time, just sign up for rugby.

....or next time have a conversation with the captain to discuss the game and why they gave you such a bad spirit score instead of ranting on the forum?

PS: I've played a lot of sports and IMO rugby is one of the most "spirited" sports out there.

And if you are going to rant, you really should call out the other team by name.
Otherwise it's kinda meaningless.


it sounds like you're a little hot about something that happened recently. If you approached the other captain and didn't get satisfaction, feel free to come to me for help.


Convivial. Down right convivial