Defender marks by blocking your vision.

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Ice By Ice

I was playing a team last week and the defender was putting his hands in front of my face to prevent me from looking up field. There might be some jazz hands involve as well. I personally did not mind when he was checking me since he wasnt blocking any of my throws but is this legal?

I looked in the rules but I did not find anything. Someone shed some light please?

"Vision blocking: If the marker deliberately blocks the thrower's vision, it is a vision blocking violation."

For the record, Colin isn't just making stuff up. That's rule XIV.B.4 that he's quoted.

A hand in your face is unlikely to either obstruct you vision or block the disc when you make that I/O throw, so I'm fine with people doing this, plus you get 2 free seconds during your throw by calling violation. Or a whole new count by calling it twice I guess.

That said, it's a douche move, kind of like the "Three Cheers for BLANK!" cheer.

Just saying.


Maybe they were just trying to force "no hammer?!"

Could this not work if you are trying to block disc with one hand, while the
other hand in your opponent's face? Hypothetically speaking if this is

Reminds me of the classless move by Sean Avery on Martin Brodeur a few years ago (see link below).

Not cool, IMO, and as stated previously there seems to be a rule against it, so definitely call violation next time (hopefully there won't be a next time).

That was pure brilliance by Sean Avery. It was within the rules at the time
and showed creativity and innovation.

hahaha yea brilliance.. how creative to try and taunt the opposing team!

i dont think theres anything in the rules about pooping in the oppoonents crease? maybe noones just reached that level of creativity yet...

correcting some misinformation above...

yes, it's against the rules, yes the proper rule has been quoted (although tbh, I didn't check the reference)

no, violation is not the call...

it's "vision blocking" - the marker needs to remove 2 from the next number he was about to say, and continues marking without stopping. e.g., "Stalling 1... 2... 3... 4... *vision blockin*... 3... 4..."

If it(*) happens again, you can say "vision blocking" again, and get the count dropped 2 again, and still doesn't stop play OR you can choose instead to call "violation" and play will then stop.

Play will also stop at any time if the marker contests your vision blocking call.

( * note - this is the same as ANY marking violation [i.e., fast count, disc space, double-team, and vision blocking] - after the first of ANY type of marking violation, the second and subsequent of ANY type of marking violation (does need to be the same type) on the same possession allows you to call violation if you wish to stop play, instead of getting the count dropped)

... and for completeness, the marker is not allowed to continue their count until the mv is corrected (e.g., the double-teaming player is no longer double-teaming, or the vision is no longer being blocked)

... I think that's it.

"pooping in the oppoonents crease"

... I see what you did there...

As Poop has been called and Flower Bowl just finished I guess it's worth remembering the greatest all time demoralizing move in Ultimate history.

Prior to the final between Eddies and Farm Accidents as the Eddies were circled up and doing their "get motivated"yelling and cheering, Bozo breaks into the circle, whips it out and pisses in the centre of their gathering.

The Eddies broke apart in fear/horror and never really recovered as a team...

Not breaking any rules there, game hadn't even started.

Maybe a PMF? Still worth it, funniest damn thing I have ever seen!


How about 'aural' blocking? I was playing recently against a team who zoned us and one of their players was literally screaming stall counts. Annoying to some, deafening to all.

Definetly not cool, but legal?

Nothing illegal about shouting stall counts.

Shouting taunts/obscenities at players is one thing (I.B), but shouting is not by itself illegal.

I'd still people to tone it down in residential areas. Legal or not, the locals won't discriminate in their complaints.

Some literally shout it into your ear, spit included...can I call dangerous
play? Reckless disregard for the safety of my hearing...

Seriously. 'Shouting' is being kind, this was shrieking. It hurt.

Um, okay. Well, you don't need a rulebook to cite Noise Control Bylaw #6555 at a league game.