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Here's the scenario: thrower throws a pass, a defender tips it and the thrower runs and catches that disc.

Is that legal? Can't seem to find it in the rule book.


XV.A) A player may bobble the disc in order to gain control of it, but purposeful bobbling
(including tipping, delaying, guiding, brushing or the like) to oneself in order to advance the
disc in any direction from where it initially was contacted is considered traveling.

XII.D) The following actions result in a turnover and a stoppage of play:
XII.D.3) The thrower catches a legally thrown disc. However, it is not a turnover if another
player touches the disc during its flight unless the thrower intentionally deflected the disc off
another player.


So, you can't tip the disc to yourself, but you can tip it to another player. And as long as the
thrower didn't intentionally deflect the disc off the other player, it's perfectly legal.


Cool, thanks Temple. Appreciated.

Since its the topic of catching ur own throw, what is the best course of
action if you throw the disc, nobody gets it, and you are able to play it?
(Like if the wind kicked it up and back to you or something).

If someone has already touched it, obviously go catch it but if not...?
Try and mac to someone else? Or hope the D forgets how to catch and
snag it from in front of them, hoping they touched the disc before you get

There is a small grey area of which one can take advantage in those unfortunate circumstances. That is, delaying the disc in flight (through brushing or finger-spinning, for example) is not explicity illegal provided that the disc is not advanced in any direction, and as long as the thrower does not regain sustained contact and control of a non-spinning disc. The thrower can thus delay his own pass in the air until a teammate can sweep in to intercept it.

To date, I have only done this on one occasion. That it worked was testament to the freakiness of the winds that day. Regardless, I'd like to think I'm good enough a thrower now that I will not need to try it again.

If you don't think it's too likely that you'll be able to delay the disc long enough for anything
good to happen, there's an easier alternative.

It's perfectly legal to deflect the disc to anybody and in any direction you want after you throw it
(you just can't catch it or deflect it to yourself).

So, if you throw up some truly awful swill, feel free to run after it and smack the disc downfield.
At worst it's a punt, and at best you make an incredibly awesome play to your teammate and
say: "As called."

Those suggesting any sort of action is unspirited or otherwise frowned upon can delay