Disc Golf Course in North Van??

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Someone at the Ulti tournament this weekend told me about a mythical North Vancouver Disc Golf course. Does anyone know of such a thing??

There's a course list on the BCDSS site (see www below), and I don't see N.Van in the list.

I know that doesn't help much, but that's all I have.

Perhaps DC will see this and weigh in?

In Lynn Valley, the course is in the forest between the upper levels hwy and 22nd street east. Park and enter at the northern termination of Queensbury Avenue. happy golfing

Are there baskets? How many holes? Any more info would be great.

Colin - I have a sherpa who will take me to this mystical place and show me the holes, so email me and we'll head out sometime. They're tone poles, 18 apparently, which are mainly trees with tape, I think.

Yes, I think 18 is correct...it's been a while. I was going to suggest bringing some binoculars along because it's often hard to see the numbers on the poles / trees.