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Hi By Hi

I have the disc. I feel the marker is too close to me. I place the disc at my chest and I lean AND pivot into the marker. He is being pushed back by the disc and calls foul. Can I counter foul with disc space?

When the Marker is breaking the Disc Space rule, it is a Marking Violation. Your option is to call
"Disc Space" or accept the violation. It is not your right to shove a player back.

Any time you push a player back with the disc, you're guilty of a Foul (in my opinion
XVI.H.3.a.3 does not apply).

Any violation must be called immediately after you recognize it. If you choose not to call Disc
Space, you cannot call Disc Space, trying to call it only after he makes a call would be cheating.

In short, if somebody is not giving you disc space, you call that. Never push or hit a player
intentionally with the disc. (Sounds too obvious to require stating.)

So say I call Disc Space, is that a change in stall count (ie. goes down 2 counts?) or is it play stoppage? Or is it something else?

All of the above!

Disc Space is a Marking Violation. There are several differences between a Marking Violation and
a 'regular' Foul/Violation.

Check out XIV.B and report back with your findings. If you have questions or would like
clarifications, you'll find quick help here.