Div 1/2 players for VUL year end tourney

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dme By dme

The Rock Hard Mortals of Love is looking for 1-2 men and women to play with us in the year end tourney. We're a Tuesday Div 1 team. Please email me using the link below if you're interested. Thanks.

G By G

I am interested in playing. Have been on several div 1 teams for a couple of years. Name is Glen - male. If interested, you can send me an email to my address below.

ps. I tried to respond to you via email but it did not go through for some reason.

dme By dme

Try adjective_girl@yahoo.com if the link below isn't working. In the meantime I'll try your link.



Myself and my g/f just came to Vancouver from Sask and we'd be interested in playing if anyone is still looking to fill their rosters. We are both experienced A/Div1 players. Will be playing at Nats with a prairie team.

Respond to camilorostoker@hotmail.com if interested.