Do We Need a Militant Movement to Save the Planet?

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"Environmental groups are trying to build a critical mass around issues like global warming to inspire public action and encourage legislators to get their heads out of the sand.... It's great work, but what if it's not enough? What if it's too little, too late? What if we never get enough mass for it to ever reach that critical point? .... And so how do we save the world (and along with it ourselves)? Well, naturally we take down industrial civilization, they say.... [This] is necessary because no other response out there even comes close to matching the scale of the problem we face."

thanks for the post.

From the article:

I would just add to that, if you live in one of the rich nations, you live
behind a military barricade, and the only reason that you don't know
that every single thing you buy is based on violence is because of that
military barricade. So we can turn away in complete denial to the real
cost of every single piece of food we eat and everything we buy — the
cell phones, the ipods, the cars, whatever. There are a whole bunch of
dead people and dead bioregions behind everything that we buy. And
it is that military barricade that keeps us safe and keeps us in a
complete land of dreams. But it is all based on violence. All we are
saying is that we want to stop the violence. We don't want to make

My friend Gail Dines has a lot of students that work at places like Old
Navy and the Gap, and they regularly find, when they're unpacking the
jeans and the T-shirts, little notes stuffed into the pockets that say
"Please help us." This is from the factory workers in China or Taiwan or

powerful stuff....

That sounds powerful. I just did some googling, and can't find anything
out there that indicates this has ever happened. Can anyone find any
other reference to pleas for help being found in the pockets of clothing

The only other mention I could find of it was another blog about the same

Funny, I've found the same notes in the pockets of assorted items I've bought at gap, old navy etc. Now that I mention it, the forlorn, empty faces of the employees working may have been expressing a desire to be set free from the clutches of big business.

Solely regarding the subject line...

The planet will survive and doesn't need saving, once it gets rid of us it will completely
recover and be just fine.

Now the people might need saving, but the planet will be fine.