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This happened to me yesterday, i made no call on the field cause i wasn;t sure on the spot what to call, but it felt wrong and got me thinking....

I have the disc, and am bein forced backhand. As i go to make a pass, one of the opposing player runs right in front of the path of the disc. The disc barely leaves my hand, and hits him in the back of the thigh.

It wasn't a foul because there was no contact, and I didn;t call a strip, because the disc did leave my hand. It is not like he was right up on me the whole time, but just as i was going to throw, he ran in front. I don't think it was intentional either, as he wasn't even looking.

makes me think that 'double team' would have been the right call for me to make?? possibly foot block??

I'd guess no to either without more info....foot block implies lower leg not thigh...and generally speaking relates to a kicking motion as well...

and from XIV.5.D.2 No other defensive player may establish a position within three meters of the pivot of the thrower, unless that defender is guarding another offensive player in that area. To do so is a double team.

Key points - establish a position - and not guarding another offensive player - therefore if they are running through - no double team - and if they are following a check who stops within 10ft of you then they could stop also and thus establish a position....soooo from your description I infer that the person was running through your throwing lane and likely following their check anyway - thus no call was the right call, just bad luck.

Now this makes me think that the swarm defence can be run even better by keeping everyone in motion at all times and thus able to stay closer to the thrower.

My throw tanked... "FOUL!"

Sheesh, what qualifies one as a "rules nazi" around here if not searching for any sort

of technicality Call to make so they get the disc back after they throw it at the D?

wow...of all people to call me a rules i said, it just didn't feel right. So i DID NOT just call out "foul" or "double team" randomly because i wasn't sure what the right call was if there even was a call. And then I came on this forum to ask opinions of others, which is what i thought this forum was for.

But bashing people for asking others opinions and not just yelling out foul is really contructive, thanks for adding your two cents Temple, really appreciate it.

For those that care, here is some more info,

- if the defender was following there check, then they were definitely poaching. This play started off with a turn-over, where i picked up the disc, and everyone else was running back up field. So the defender was definitely not guarding one of the O player to cause them to run past me, i just don't think they were paying attention to where they were running

-Reason I say that last comment (not paying attention)is I had to pivot and stretch far out to make the throw. Had i stretched out 3 seconds earleir, the d would have ran right into me. As it were, they ran right in front. And i mean, right infront, the disc barley left my hand, never even got to follow through. and the fact that i was stretched out is why i hit them so low (on their thigh)

Agian, not sure what the right call, if there is one, but i definitely felt there was interference there with my throw. but, as you said it could just be bad luck. Thats why i'm asking.

Actually, on our Tuesday night team, the very same thing almost happened.

Turn over, our girl starts handling, and pivots about, gets a line of sight on her cutter, starts to throw, and someone else who was running to get into 'receiving' position, nearly strips the disc out of her hand.

Luckily our girl wasn't throwing yet, or else it would've been questionable (had she released yet? Or not?), but it did bring the question in my head as to whether or not the opposing player was 'right' for running through her 10 feet 'area'.

I'm not sure if there's a "rule" against it (as one of the previous posters mentioned that if they don't "establish" a position, it's not really a double team), but I definitely think there's a "good ettiquette" about it. Don't blindside the thrower, even if it's "technically" not illegal. Watch where you're running.

No call and no injustice either. When there is a turn everyone changes direction. If the person picking up the disc didn't "run-through" or for some other reason isn't the last offensive person back, they should expect the possibilty of players running through the throwing lanes to get to better positions downfield. It's just part of the game.

jeebus, read the post again.

I'm not calling you a "rule nazi", I'm wondering how that term can be applied to somebody that

knows the rules and plays within them, but not to somebody who looks for a rule to get the disc

back when they throw at the D.

I don't think that term should be applied to you, but I also think that you can be helped by a

little more common sense if you're looking for a rule (even well after the fact) that would return

possession to you after you throw the disc at the D.