Downsizing to 100 square feet

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With all the talk about homelessness in Vancouver, I'm surprised I haven't heard much talk about specific housing options. Maybe the "how to" talks just aren't reaching the mainstream media, but I have wondered if extra small spaces could be a compromise. Possibly more palatable to those worried about government subsidies (costs would be less), but still much better than the street.

An apartment building with small rooms would be better than this single trailer, but you get the point.

Micro-homes! (64 square feet) Link goes to blog entry about examples currently on display on
Granville Island. They are designed with homeless people in mind.

Don't expect the mainstream media to help. They gave up doing their job long ago. Now it's
hockey scores and which starlet flashed her panty-less crotch getting out of a Maserati that
counts as news. Audiences are a product they offer for consumption by advertisers, rather than a
populace they should be serving... since we give them access to our homes and minds. Notice
how the CBC is the only station in town that even mentions the public good "Go Public" as part
of their promotional campaigns? To quote Johnny Rotten: "Ever get the feeling you're being lied