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Anyone know where I could possibly buy a dry erase board for an Ultimate Field?

If you're saying you want a dry-erase/whiteboard board of a size practical for sideline diagramming, I'd suggest going to Staples.

If you are saying that you want one with an ultimate field permanently outlined on it, I would suggest that you make your own.

Rob By Rob

I think Troe Weston has Ultimate clip/whiteboards available.

And there are probably some of those old Gaia boards kicking around... somewhere...

LOL! sry for my poor English right there. Umm... yeah I am looking for a white board with a permanent outline of the ulti field.

I did try making my own using permanent marker as an out line on the board but it rubs off quickly.

Who is Troe

Troe is a Master Learning Facilitator for NCCP training in ultimate. And yes, you can purchase a dry-erase boards depicting ultimate fields from her. You can contact her at [removed].

Post here when you've contacted her, and I will remove this e-mail address from this post.

K I got the e-mail. U can remove it. Thanks