E8s History Needed!

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If you've seen the post in the "Announcements" section, you'll know that E8s is back for this year, and finally has a website-of-sorts to call its own: http://elimination8s.blogspot.ca/

I'm looking to beef up the website's content in a couple regards: photos and history.

Do you have photos from previous years (and your name isn't Craig Temple)? Let me know!

I already have someone working on a short "history" piece about Art's founding the tournament, and about the early years of E8s, but I don't have much info in terms of how the tournament went from year to year - who won, who won the spirit prize, where the money went, etc. If you can help with any of that - even if it's just "my team won in 2004, or maybe it was 2005?" - please drop me a line at the email below.



p.s. If you can't help with any of this, but would like to help us out with the tournament in some other way, let me know that as well!

Thanks to everyone who has gotten back to me with info re: E8s history.

We now have a history of the founding of the tournament, written by Maureen Hogue, up on the site, along with a partial (and most likely inaccurate) list of past winners.

Take a look, and if you can add any info, shoot me an email.



p.s. We still could use more photos, too!

I was always way too drunk on Art's sangria by the end of each Elimination 8s to even recognize who won the tourney!

I do remember my first game at my first E8s though... my team rolled over the other team to the point where we were playing 3 vs 8, before they FINALLY scored. I'm not sure who was more stunned...them or us. What a blast!

Miss you, Art. Thanks for making the rain stop in time for the Lower Mainland teams to play in the Art Hawkins Great Cdn Ultimate Game.