EZ contention leads to turnover

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I've posted this in another topic, but I think it's a bit of a different situation than "incomplete pass after scoring", so I'm starting a fresh thread here.

If anyone has any input or discussion points, that would be greatly appreciated. Here's the scenario:

An offense player A catches a disc while running and believes he has caught the disc in the endzone (ie landed inside the endzone as the catch was made). After landing, he takes 4-5 steps to stop and he touches the disc to the ground to 'confirm' to other players that he is in the endzone. He turns and starts walking back 3-4 steps towards the goal line and puts the disc on the ground at the goal line. At that point, a defense player B challenges the call of a goal made by player A. So player B says player A caught the disk and landed outside of the EZ, and then ran into the EZ.

Now in a normal situation, this would be a simple decision: goal awarded or player A returns to outside of the endzone and the play resumes. However, player A has walked back to the goal line and put the disc on the ground before the call is made, and therefore player B now says that this constitutes a turnover, suggesting it is an incomplete throw.

So, just to clarify, it was not clear if player A did catch in the endzone or not: the play was fast, and it could have easily been in or out.

Does anyone have any input on this? Is this a turnover or does the play go back to the goal line?


There are a couple of replies are in the other thread.