Edmonton Oilers/Calgary Flames Coaches

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What do you think?

Edmonton Oilers: Pat Quinn/Tom Renney
Calgary Flames: Brent Sutter

Will Edmonton do another repeat of 2006, but win it actually?

Will Calgary beat out Vancouver and take top spot of the northwest division?

Will Vancouver make the playoffs? (Just kidding)



"Northwest winner? Take your pick. Teams face uncertain futures for next season"

Interesting. There is a tidbit that I picked up...

No one wants to go to Edmonton. Okay. Why is Calgary considerable? It is similar to Edmonton... right?

m2c By m2c

I can't follow why this year, more than any other I can remember, people are looking at other teams COACHING moves and thinking that the Canucks are standing still??? Last time I checked Vancouver had the best season of any other NW team, but yet the lack of changes seems to be painted as a negative. I know, lets hire Keenan, that will help!

How you manage the Cap is much more important than who is behind the bench, currently the Nucks are in a much better Cap situation than any other NW team (until we sign the Sedin's for 12 years), that makes me think we can win the NW again next year.


Rumour: Sources tell me Marian Gaborik just bought a house in Vancouver.

Well... Who do you guy THINK will be the next coach for Vancouver?

and... (It is a different question) Who do you WANT as the next coach for Vancouver?

and to spread the question even more... Do you think Calgary/Edmonton could find a better coach? Explain.

emd By emd

Gaborik...is that that oft injured fella playing in Minny?

Granted he does get more than a point per game played, but do we really want another fragile player on top of Salo, Demitra, Rypien?

Salo, Demitra and Rypper have a fourth for bridge in the press box now.