Edmonton Over Detroit!

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I just have to say it!

David has just beat Goliath in Game 6 (Last night).

The series is over... Edmonton Oilers wins the series against the winners of the Presidents Trophy.

Whyte ave goes crazy! A couple of news paper stands are knocked over a car is dented, car window broken... Lots of flashing. You get the idea. Red Mile eat your hearts out.

You thought the Edmonton - Detroit series is crazy... If it ever happens Calgary - Edmonton series will be un(beep)believable. I am getting shivers thinking about the possibility.

Evenly matched cities, closely matched hockey teams.

Edmonton Oilers / Calgary Flames

Edmonton Eskimoes/ Calgary Stampeders

Stampede / Canadian Rodeo Finals

West Edmonton Mall / Calgary Olympic Park

Banff / Jasper

... on and on...

I just had too...

No offense to Vancouver.

None taken, Vancouver will take solace and enjoy watching Edm & Cal beat the crap out of each other... but you're right, it will be a freakin amazing series to watch...

A tempting thing to do would be to catch a $90 westjet flight to either city and soak up the atmosphere.. Even w/o game tickets the pubs will be a-rockin...

As cool as it would be to see a renewed battle of Alberta, I hate the Flames enough that I am hoping to see them put out by the Ducks tonight.

Go Selanne!

Oh thats just a shame that the Flamers lost. Maybe they will shut up and go home now......put your boobs away you drunken goof.

Oh well, those Calgarians make like Vancouverites.... skip watching the playoffs and head to the beach. Oh wait. Ummmm, never mind. :-)