Elimination Eights, July 1 at Winona!

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Elimination Eights! July 1st! Winona Fields.

(Contact Art, smart11_11@yahoo.com, to enter your team now!)

This is the third year for Elimination Eights. This one-day tournament is a great variation on standard Ultimate. Here's how we play. . .

Games begin with EIGHT players on the field for each team (4 of each gender). When a team scores a point, it will reduce the number of players on the field by one. (So, by scoring the first point, your team is pulling the disc with seven players against the opposition's eight players.) The game continues on this way with the scoring team reducing the number of players on the field by one. Games are played to 7 points.

- What's so great about this? Well, when you get to 6 points, it means you will play the next point with only two players on the field! Last year, we saw an awesome display by the Asians as they ran the score to 6-0, and were running two players against eight (and then seven, and then six as the comeback began for the other team.) When games reach a 6-6 tie, it means that the final score is determined by a two-on-two point!

- The gender balance should be maintained by both teams -- each team should never have more than one of one gender on the field than it does of the other gender. (So, with seven players, you're playing 4-3, and with six players, you're playing 3-3.)

- This is not an iron-man format. You can substitute freely after a point has been scored just as you would for regular Ultimate games. A roster of 10-12 players is ideal for Elimination Eights.

- Last year, with 12 teams in attendance, we guaranteed each team 4 games. This year, we hope to repeat the same format with 12 or 16 teams in attendance.

- As has been done in previous years, all of the funds raised by Elimination Eights will go to charitable causes. Do you want to run an Elimination Eights tourney in your city? You're welcome to use this format, but whay not give something back to the community too -- it's a great way to get people out to support the community at large.

- Want to register? E-mail Art at smart11_11@yahoo.com. Your e-mail does not secure your spot, but your payment of a $50 deposit does! And, at $175 per team, you're getting an incredible day of ulti, plus food + drink and give-aways for Canada Day!

As of today, Thur May 27, six of the initial 12 spots for Elim 8's have been spoken for. Talk to your team and get your bid in soon!


Elimination Eights is one month away!

As of June 1, nine teams are on the list for the initial 12 spots, leaving just three remaining.

Contact Art to get your team in asap.

June 10 update --

we now have 12 teams in and a 13th interested. We will try to expand to 15 or 16 spots max. Take this as your last chance before the crocodile tears begin to flow!