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What do you guys/girls think about having elite level (touring) players on Div 5/6 teams?

Is it fair to the opposing team when all plays key off the one/two touring players? Is it helpful to the development of the players on either team? Under what conditions would it be helpful? I've run into a few situations recently where I consider it extremely unspirited (ie the one/two touring players play all the points and score or set up all of the points scored for their team).

Personally, if those players have been with the team all season and
they've been playing then I don't have a problem with it. I'm sure their
teammates will learn something from the touring players. It's when the
touring players only show up during playoffs where it gets annoying IMHO.
Subs are allowed, but if you're div 5/6 I dunno if touring players are the
right skill level to be looking for in subs.

And you have to have played at least 5 games with a team to be eligible to play with them in playoffs. See rule A.5: http://www.vul.bc.ca/v3/home/rules

In practice, we encourage captains to be flexible with that rule for 'equivalent' replacements. i.e. many people are away at this time of year, so you may need to ask a new sub to come out in order to avoid a default, but that's only fair if you get a sub that is similar in skill level to the player that they are replacing. Brand new ringers during playoffs are not allowed.

My point was not specific to playoffs, but more to do with general season. If an elite player (or players) use that skill to school a div 5 team so their team can win, through an individual application of throws and techniques they've developed and acquired at an elite level, to me that seems unspirited. If they use their skills to build their team that's a different thing, but that's not what I've seen this season.

Can't imagine it would be that much fun for an elite player, either.

Well, the way we run our system, we judge and divide teams according to their team ability. That doesn't necessarily imply any kind of uniformity in their individual ability, obviously. A touring player lifting up a div5 team may seem out of place at first, but I think we should remind ourselves that there are any number of very innocent (and laudable) reasons for which such a player may find himself or herself on that team. And at the end of the day, unless there has been a tremendous mistake in forming the divisions, the ability of the team should still be of roughly div5 level -- they're still beatable.

Personally, I encourage touring players to get their friends and colleagues involved in ultimate, and that often means forming or joining a lower-tier team. Further to that, it introduces the existence, identity, and skill level of competitive ultimate to a lot of people who might not otherwise find out about it. Lastly, it is sometimes surprising just how much you can learn even by merely seeing somebody in action. (I never would have developed scoobers, push passes, or left-handed throws had I not seen impressive players using them in context.)

So, in conclusion, I think that touring players on div5 teams have a role, and that it should not be interpreted as a "win-at-all-cost" behaviour (I.B) on the part of the team(s) in question.

I concur that elite touring players on div5/6 teams can generally have a
role/place to promote skill and game. I don't see anything wrong as long as
their roles and objectives are as stated by atanarjuat. That being said, there
are other channels available, like the mentoring program, to achieve this but
like atanarjuat stated, there are any number of innocent reason for which such
a player may find himself or herself on that team.

However, I don't necessarily think the question is whether there is a
role/place for them in general but whether there is a role/place for them to
play full throttle and 'school' inferior players in low divisions. If there are
elite touring players out 'schooling' bunch of div5/6 players by playing every
single point with touches on every other throw, I think that is just sad and
highly highly pathetic IMO. Isn't 3 practices/wk, plus one div1 night/wk,
track workouts, Worlds, USAU, CUC weekend tournaments enough ultimate to
satisfy their competitve need? I hardly doubt that at the end of each practice
their captains are telling them to go play Monday and Wednesday div 5/6
ultimate, risk unnecessary injury all for the glory of 'schooling' div5/6 players.

I also want to add that I can't imagine many elite touring players doing this.
Seriously...you would think they have a life outside of ultimate. With all the
practices, track workouts, tournaments - if they had one free evening, you
would hope they would want to be doing something other than this or some
other workout.

My guess is there are few, if any, current elite touring players on div 5 teams. As rome says, they're likely way too busy to do that. I can't imagine any that I know doing what the original poster described.

I've seen two other slightly different situations:
- Past touring players on div 2-4 teams, playing a key role on those teams, including coaching and mentorship, but not running the play of every point.
- A-level or 'aspiring' elite players playing on div 4-6 teams, and doing what the original poster described. They aren't on a touring team (for whatever reason). They're trying to prove themselves, maybe showboat a bit, and they get something out of being dominant in a lower division. Is that un-heard of in sport? No. Is it 'unspirited' according to the rules? Probably not. Is it still kinda lame? IMO, yes.

I think the OP is using the term "elite" in a fairly loose sense. There are hundreds of players in Vancouver who could walk onto a div 5 and dominate. As long as the relatively strong player isn't just picking up, I don't really see a problem.

Is it unspirited for a strong player to dominate a low level game? No.
Does atanarjuat have left-handed throws? No.