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Hope this wasn't answered somewhere in the forum already...


O-player catches the disc near/at the end zone line. O says he is in and said he
saw his first point of contact was in. D says he ran in and had a clear look as well.
Both have arguably equal "perspective". What is the outcome?

XVI.D says BTT for disagreements on best perspective but I'm assuming it wouldn't
apply here since there is no chance of a turnover.

I was told that the offensive player wins this and scores the point but I couldn't find
anything in the rules to support this.


The O player doesn't get to win the argument just because they're on O. There's a better than even chance the D had a better look at it (since they could have been watching the feet instead of the disc), but there's an even better chance neither had a really good look. If no one else saw it, normally BTT would be where it's at, but it would certainly be in the O's best interest to agree with the D's opinion so they don't lose position.

Note that XVI.D only prescribes back-to-thrower if "a satisfactory resolution" cannot be found to a dispute. In this case, if the teams are deadlocked over their respective perspectives, they'll typically still agree that checking the disc into play where it stands is a (somewhat) satisfactory resolution -- better than BTT, anyway.

And no, the offense does not automatically win disputes over perspective.

Thanks! People were quoting furious players that offence gets the call so
it's good to know my understanding wasn't wrong. Unless it's some weird
unspoken etiquette in Open...

Although Furious players have been known to scream all kinds of nonsense at each other in practice (mostly to push each other's buttons), I'm pretty confident none of them would sincerely say that "offense gets the call" if you took them aside and asked if you could quote them on that.

I really wish people would stop making sh#t up. Seriously.


Not you guys... You're all correct here. But someone claiming that their cougar mom told
them something they heard while they were hiding in the bushes the day they were
stalking the young furious players at their practice, is not only kinda creepy, but it's
hearsay. That person should really get their rules knowledge from reading the rules... And
not from the hastily written letters that his mom writes from jail.

I think you put the </rant> tag one paragraph too soon...