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Was unsure how to remedy this situation. Offense catches the disc close to the end zone line, throws a pass into the end zone that is incomplete. An offensive team mate suggests she was in the end zone before throwing it away, so it should be a point. Defense suggests she was not in the end zone, so it should be a turn over. Where does the disc come into play, and whose possession is it?

The outcome is theoretically straightforward, though frequently unpopular. I saw this happen twice this past weekend, incidentally.

Rule XI.C:

"If a player scores according to XI.A, but then unknowingly throws another pass, a goal is awarded to that player, regardless of the outcome of the pass. However, if it is unclear if the player scored according to XI.A (i.e., there is no agreement on the player who had best perspective, and there are opposing view points on the play), the result of the pass stands."

I think the VUL should hire a rule guru to sit by a computer during game times so that the increasingly blackberry-clad players can get real time responses to problems as they arise. Preferably, we could try to outsource in order to help keep league fees down.

Was there _really_ no-one at the field that knew that rule?

... or just no-one who was willing to step up and explain? Were the captains awake?

Good idea Cruzee! Not increasing league fees at all is even feasible. All we have to do is convince players that actually knowing the rules is beneficial.

Ok, so feasible might be a stretch.

Well, hey, if you really want to defer your rules knowledge to a Blackberry, you could just tell your local gadget-junkie to look up the rules online.

The rulebook isn't quite a guru, but it knows everything, it's on-call, and it even comes with a slightly better personality.

Indeed, the rulebook knows it all. Plus, for the technophobes among us it also comes in a
portable, non-electric format consisting of symbols printed on multiple pieces of fibrous
membrane bound together in a small portable unit. Oddly enough, this is called a "book".

Or you can go one step further and commit that information to an unbelievably fast
(technically) device capable of remarkable feats of data retrieval and manipulation. This
would be a "brain."

Admittedly, there are situations that aren't 100% clear as written in the rules, in which case
having access to a knowledgeable person might be useful to better apply these things.
However, if you're going to have someone on-hand, why not have that person at a phone -
much more direct and efficient communication than typing on a blackberry, and accessible to
all those who have a simple cell phone. Or again you could circumvent this need and learn the
rules and pay attention to, say, this forum and others once in a while to bone up on unusual
situations. Although I personally don't think that it would be an improvement to extend a
pause in the play to contact outside help for clarification of a rule application - better to just
accept a do-over. In which case the outside help is just for expanding your knowledge or
understanding, which can wait a few hours or days.

Hmm, if only there were a simple and easy way to resolve ambiguous or conflicting rule

Failing that, reading through the rules just once gives you an incredible boost to your rules
knowledge. Absolutely there are ambiguous cases that require even a rule guru to take some
serious thought (to lookup and read possibly applicable rules, etc). However, I don't think it's
worth the pain to bother to 'call back to the league office' for a call.

Though if you're interested, you can call Mortakai's cell at 604.684.0624

Hey! ... er, I mean... HEY!!!!!!11!!!1!!ONE!!

Those books are magical things... comprised of a simple set of 26 different signals plus a few deliminators, yet capable of transmitting so much information so quickly!

If you ask me, far superior to those binary computers... they only make use of 2 lousy base symbols!